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Do you have a nagging idea of some condition or event in the future that keeps popping up? Will we need sunblock as thick as mudmask? Will they dig up the stuff we throw away today because they found a use for some of it tomorrow? What if they find a way to make more energy from nuclear waste?

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Or not.
Never. That prediction is a *Fail*.
Unfortunately it means you're as logical as she is......sometimes good.....sometimes not.
especially from members whose names begin w/Q.

I predict that Vladimir Putin will come out of the closet.


The future will not be what it used to be.
If your going to play in Deutschland you have to have a tuba in the band.
The City of Tomball will host a three day birthday party for Pru again this year.
Things will remain pretty  much as they are now, except for the giant radioactive armadillos wandering the streets.
I predict that sh*t will happen.
I predict that TeeBub'd Birthday Bash in Feb. will make the Tampa and St. Pete's News Programs.
I predict that Robbie's RV will be impounded pending criminal (sandwich dancing in public) charges. I just hope Happy won't feel too much trauma knowing Robbie is a serial sandwich dancer.




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