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Run across anything cool recently? Doesn't matter what it is, just post a link so we can all see what caught your attention.

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I ran across this site this morning after Jaylee sent me a pic. The pic sent me on a Google search, and this came up. Some very talented people getting creative with recycled materials.




I especially liked these!!



Those are amazing, Teebs!

Here you go TeeBub.


I think Larry is a charter member.

Robbie, Did you get hitched again and not invite us to the wedding?
TeeBub, Kooner, the www.oooiii.com should have been www.ooooiiii.com
That does make a difference.
I could spend a lot of time reading this one. Not that I'm slow at reading or anything.............
very cool, Teebs. (the iori tomita site, in case it doesn't fall in properly)




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