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It seems that we all are subject to some degree of some form of control by other humans. I recently found myself in a situation where someone else decided that in a social networking situation they would exercise absolute control of my conduct and do it in an arbitrary manner. I chose to not allow that. The only way I could not allow the other person to exercise such unexpected control was to stop posting on that site. So, I decided to do just that.
This particular situation is not very important in the grand scale of human conduct since it was a site that was and is used strictly for the intellectual enjoyment of the participants. However, it did bring up some questions that are important to the human condition.
Is there any part of our lives that is not subject to control by others?

Who decides how much control we are subjected to in our daily lives?

What is the proper amount of societal control required to establish and sustain a working society?

How much of your personal freedom are you willing to give up in order to have a safe secure society in which to live?

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um the Nov 2003 issue of Natl Geographic had an article on high tech surveilance that I thought pretty interesting.
TSD, Great Song. I love it.
It is isn't it! Well done Slayer darling!
Yeh, but i've had some QC people work for me that were kind of unworldly.
I'm not sure which planet they came from, but I'm sure it was a very controlled place.
Fascinating. I shall have to think about this. Wonderful food for thought Robbie!
Off the top of my wee tired noggin :

#1 To a greater or lesser degree our whole life is controlled, for we are subject to external influences from the get go, and after death, we are still (usually) fussed over. Not forgetting that our whole life is devoted to caring for this heavy sack of water that we lug about with us from cradle to grave that makes demands upon us that we simply can not ignore (for long) without peril.

#2. We do. Each and every one of us. Singularly and (quite often like sheep or lemmings) collectively.

#3. A re-read of William Golding's masterpiece "The Lord of the Flies" sorts this question nicely.

#4. I'm at my personal limit right about now. Privacy is an illusion. There is none. Thankfully - I'm on my way out - not in - so unless it gets much worse ( I'm hoping things stay quasi status quo) I'll abide politely. Albeit I'm gritting and gnashing my teeth and privately railing at the intrusions and invasions of privacy that purport to save our from ourselves and other nefarious "others' commonly called "them".

Have you heard the latest? Credit card companies and the banksters have teamed up to exam your purchases with a fine tooth comb. Did you use to shop at Whole Foods - but now you are shopping exclusively (or more often ) at Food Lion? WELL! There goes your credit rating and line of credit. Apparently these characters are watching one's shopping activity and making draconian decisions about your changes in lifestyle accordingly. Cash? But of course. But you know - "they" are trying to do away with the cash thing. And debit card? Every purchase is on your bank statement, shared with your creditors.

And then there is the infra red satellite gizmo - which sends a lovely picture to whomever might be interested of you spooning your beloved tonight. Or not. And that pleasant fellow across the street? You should SEE his listening equipment - he can hear you fart under the covers me dear.

No where to run to - no where to hide.

But as long as I can still say NO - and walk away with my life - I'm in North America, and am (still) a very lucky duck.




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