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It seems that we all are subject to some degree of some form of control by other humans. I recently found myself in a situation where someone else decided that in a social networking situation they would exercise absolute control of my conduct and do it in an arbitrary manner. I chose to not allow that. The only way I could not allow the other person to exercise such unexpected control was to stop posting on that site. So, I decided to do just that.
This particular situation is not very important in the grand scale of human conduct since it was a site that was and is used strictly for the intellectual enjoyment of the participants. However, it did bring up some questions that are important to the human condition.
Is there any part of our lives that is not subject to control by others?

Who decides how much control we are subjected to in our daily lives?

What is the proper amount of societal control required to establish and sustain a working society?

How much of your personal freedom are you willing to give up in order to have a safe secure society in which to live?

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Good questions, CWO.
I feel there is always someone who would like to control you, if you will just hand over the reins. Maybe I've seen too much personally.
Societal freedom and safety:
We could feel prodded in the direction of increasing governmental control through fear: fear of terrorism, fear of illness, fear of unemployment, fear of pollution.
Who decides:
We have some say over the amount of control in our daily lives. Just say no to it.
But we elect people who make decisions for us, and the outcome is out of our control.
Necessary societal control:
Varies widely, as is evidenced in this country and its history.
Some good points RT.

I think there are two faces (maybe more)to the reality of control. Who/what controls you; who/what do you control? Do you want to have control over others? Or do you just want to be not controlled by others?

I LOVE this pic! Wish I had it on a poster
Not to the point of kissing someone’s butt.
darroll,thanks for the comment, but could you explain what you mean by this statement?
After much frustration and no results at work -- through the corporate channels of politely complaining about another person(s)' work, I decided today to send a memo that roughly states the following:

Ola Team Members!
I can't stand to follow up on work you have already completed, yet I am drawn to it by virtue of our electronic system -- where I receive daily alerts to look at a file to "follow up!"
I think we should all work together as a team to remove the follow-ups for the next person! I will do it for you! When I am in the file, I will remove your diary "follow ups" so you won't have to look at the file!

If you won't help me on this venture, I will kill you! I hate looking at work that I don't need to do!
(my real name in the icky corporate world)
Some people try and control me and I really don't care.
I'm not going to kiss their butt to get them to lighten up.
If I have enough, I will put them in their place.
1. Our willingness to take care of our bodies.

2. My government certainly decides plenty for me. How much of my money I can keep. How fast I can drive, which the government should have some control over safety of the citizens.

3. The minimum amount required, whatever that is.

4. Quite a bit if it serves the greater good.

Good question Robbie. Are you taking a survey for the government. Cmon, fess up.
Nah, I just thought I'd try to get the Ning discussions moved back toward some serious thought. I like playing the word games and alway love the humorious banter that is found here, but I also like to address serious societal issues. There are some great minds here. I, along with the aliens in space ships, like to probe them now and then.
Well, no one can even prove free will exists so maybe those points are moot.

Make a list of all the things you have control over in a typical day versus those you don't have control of - or of things you have to do or don't have to do. You have to go to work, or go to a meeting, or clean the house, or cook, or go to the dentist. You have no control of your digestive tract or your pancreas or how your liver breaks down fats.

That used to be an assignment in basic philosophy courses.
(I am controlling funesthememorious' digestive tract and he doesn't even know it!)




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