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I received this video via email. I was going to ignore it when I saw it was 10 minutes long. I'm glad I watched it, twice.

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I don't like war any more than the next guy. My heart aches with every soldier who dies for my country. There's an evil enemy out there who will stop at nothing to destroy our country and what we stand for. We need to untie the hands of our military and defeat this enemy.
The world is starting to get the picture.
Yes, I wish the rest of the world shared our belief in freedom of religion and other basic rights. We could bring our military home and reduce it to numbers necessary for our defense.
Sadly, in today's world, truth is scarier than fiction.
Well Larry........I think we best not hold our breath waiting for those on the far left on the political forums to show up here and post a comment. Those of us that agree with this articulate and intelligent black gentleman's philosophy could hardly be called racists now, could we ? They have no card to play here.
Don't bet on it.
I won't......Lol
An artuculate and intelligent man but alas he is ill informed in many areas. There are radical christains too but no one blames the entire religion for it.
Of course there are radical Christians pickle and I'm sure Colonel West would understand perfectly what you're getting at as well as I do. As he said, we're at war with an ideology called Islam, we're not at war with Muslims.
Don't misunderstand me Pickle. I'm in favor of America defending itself against any group of radicals that's willing to fly airplanes into buildings, strap bombs on their women and children, threaten to wipe nations off the map etc. etc. Doesn't matter to me if they're called radical muslims or radical christians (shrug) In what area's is this retired intelligence officer ill-informed ?
In my opinion he is ill informed in his statement that we are at war with Islam. We have a major problem with the 5% of Islam that is radical not the whole religion. Furthermore it is the policies of the West that have radicalized this group. Beginning with the poorly thought out settlement at the end of World War I. I could go on but you are not going to be convinced that I am right and I am not going to be convinced that you are right so why argue.
I don't think WWI was ever settled, The Spanish Flu ended it.




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