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Yup, it is that time of year again when we get to eat candy corn. From white/yellow/orange for Halloween to white/red/green for Xmas, we have our choice of colors and flavors. (I have yet to see a silver/gold/white for new year's eve.) How do you like to eat yours? I eat the tip off, then the middle, then the bottom. And what flavors do you like best?

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Not a candy corn fan here :-(
Oh, white, yellow and orange are the best, for sure. I scarf them whole, no eating by layer...it would take too long.
Any Aggie corn? Or should I stick to chocolate wabbits.
Me too! And I eat the end off good n plenty before I eat the whole thing. Sometimes the end is hollow and I think that I have hit pay dirt.

I need a life.


I'm of an age where I have already gained weight just by reading this thread! ....:-( same thing happens when I drive by a McDonalds........

Oooooooooo......this spooky Autumn mix was MY favorite......I read where someone once described the smell of an open bag being like band-aids and maple syrup,but I love this stuff! It has all the different flavors of chocolate,orange,maple,marshmallow or honey, depending on which shape you picked.
My favorite shape??? The witch!
Nice to see you Lily, don't be a stranger.

this is scary!!!
I take an ax and mash the candy corn into an unrecognizable mush. Then I set it on fire. I add a little gasoline, and voila...trick or treat! LOL. Mother Sanity.
Just the two words crammed together "candy corn" (yick!) make me want to run and barf at the same time. Worst candy that I probably abused as a child. I hate it.

I would start a hate group but I would puke if I kept focusing on it. YICK.

I'm moving to another country where it isn't mentioned.

And PEEPS is the other Yicker. Yick!




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