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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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Yea! Thanks TeeBubba.

What amazes me is all of this taking away rights stuff coming up now. We currently have probably the most open and constitutional acting government we have had in at least 30  years.

Toolmaker, I get the impression that you are anti-government (or are you just anti this government?), but what is your solution?  Get the turkeys out of office and then what?  Is there some other country that serves as a role model for what you're aiming for?

well slim, I'm anti tyranny. and that's what we have now.  If t's un-resolvable by vote.

I vote we go something like these guys are suggesting..http://militianetwork.homestead.com/

and my reasoning behind this has something to do with why this soldier feels this way..


and they did it to us because the could divide us, a lil like this picture sums up.

I think we should go with this guy, if it can be done with a vote, this is the guy I think.

He can unite anyone with his cause of personal liberty...

One thing about tool. He gets more paranoid as time goes on. I do not totally disagree with some of his beliefs about how corrupt our government has become. However he has yet to offer any solution other than doing away with the current structure and relying on local militia to run the country.  This tells me that he has no knowledge of how the world works.  Evidently has no idea of what would happen if the US ceased being a stabilizing factor to the rest of the world.

I came to the realization that arguing with him is a total waste of time.

What is scary is the fact that the crazies seem to be multiplying rapidly. That reason and logic are being overtaken by emotion and misdirection. I have come to believe that the human race is in the process of destroying itself. I consol myself by understanding that I probably won't be here to witness the rush over the cliff. 

Me neither.CWROb

Why the breastbeating by constitution=lovers over the ACLU?  Those righteous folks defend  the first ammendment f or those whose free speach they even have no likingh for - JUST BECAUSE IT IS THEIR RIGHT!  I think - and correct me here if I am wrong- they defended those church loonies who hate soldiers, The ACLU marches to the beat of the constirution, which they hold inviolate. And sometines that music does not suit me, even, and i thought it did. But they are constitution-bound.

Yep, It has never made any sense to me.  However I have been on this planet long enough and traveled around enough, to come to realize that most people seem to think that if the rest of humanity would listen to them, everything would be wonderful.

We all seem to have the conflict of wanting to be able to do what we want, but also wanting everyone else to think and act as we would like.  The conundrum is; how do you get everyone else to think and act the way you want and still have any degree of freedom or self expression. 

I've sited examples, on numerous accounts. It's obvious. literally every right has been over written with regulation or out right obliteration. citing examples would be too numerous, and finding a starting point would be the only difficult task.Do your own damn homework this time.

and it's not just Obama either, it's the whole of government. WE are being backed into a corner so to speak and if we don't do something, it will have us and our posterity permanently enslaved.

I challenge anyone to actually find one thing this administration has done that is actually legal and constitutional?

H.R. 2447 seems pretty harmless.

found it.


seems harmless to me. it found 60% favor-ability on opencongress.

I'm more concerned with the peacetime martial law he just enacted.

Shrub had the same power as has other presidents...it's nothing new and you know it.

Ron Paul is not the answer to our problems.
I know he can’t beat Obama and I don’t think Romney will either.
As soon as they start trashing Romney, the brain dead will think it’s all true and won’t vote for any Republican.




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