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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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No president since FDR has started a war the legal way.

To call Obama's actions in Lybia a war is a real stretch.

  So true.  How many stories have not been reported?  

The lawsuit that the Catholics have against the government got very little airplay on the main news channels.  I've read an article or two from them but nothing on TV.  

The case of the elderly white couple in Oklahoma that were beaten and the wife was raped by a black individual. She died a few days later. This happened about the same time as the Trayvon incident.  Locally it was covered.  A British newspaper covered it.  Fox covered it.  That is all.

The misinformation about Bains Capital in Obama's ad.  The Truth Team?  Not even close.  

The figures that the liberals have been promoting about the spending are selective.  How many people really believe that our government, which has spent double in three and a half years what the previous administration spent in eight years, is not out-of-control on their spending?    Do the math.  

Ubu where did you get that math? That is the first I've heard of s spending more in the last three and half years than Bush spent in eight. I'm not saying that it isn't true, just that I would like the facts to back it up.

Me too.

Wait...never mind. Statistics can be manipulated to prove any conclusion especially if it favors the gop. What needs to be considered is the fact that should conservatives gain control of the White House the grip that the banks and big corporations have on this country will get even tighter, women will lose hard won personal freedoms, and we all will see a giant step backward for this country.

Conservatives care nothing about this country........they want only to remove President Obama from office; that has been their goal since the man took the oath of office. Wouldn't have mattered if the unemployment rate dropped to zero and the national debt completely erased.....they can't stand to see a black democrat in the White House.

Well, in this case, Mr. Stepp, I provided a link that doesn't reek of conservatism.  

Are your comments facts or opinion?   Your turn to back all of your statements.  

Here ya go.   And I'll even use a non-conservative news source.  


And I'll give you the fact that the Obama admin inherited a financial problem to begin with. I don't want to rehash that point again.  

....hmmm looks like the Republicans are still a huge influence


Good post Ubu. Puts the blame exactly where it belongs on the Bush administration and the just say no republicans in congress.

Bush and Obama can't spend money without congress approving it.

How come congress gets to skate all the time.

Stop the blame game anyway.

Once again...The Democrats had control of the House and the Senate for the first two years of Obama's term.  I would believe there should be some accountability on their part as well. They just continued what Bush's admin. had been spending and added to it.  





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