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I'll throw this in for a bonus. It's less taxing, physically.
No chance of broken bones. I'm bored.
Human Hamster Wheel
Best 4 min 52 sec of the day.
I really should have known that. Let's see...

What does length have to do with it?
We tried, but just didn't have enough people to truly test it.

Wouldn't you feel foolish if you were the one to break it?
As a guy, I grew up thinking things existed to be broken. Of course as a grown up; I understand that things are broken in order to be fixed.
Who could get bored on TBD?.
I learn all kinds of things.
I just got off in a bird site to ID some birds singing in my yard and learned a whole bunch of other stuff as well. (Don't tell Quinny.)

Here's something fun.

Sssshhhhh! She's - oh! Hi, Quinny.
That was really cool Chez.




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