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I hope my grandson never sees this. I really do.
I just got dizzy. Probably a good idea they used a scooter in stead of a Harley.
Guys don't stay bored for long.
Guys can usually find something to do.

If nothing else works we can always see if we are to fat for the rock to hold us.

Is that what that is? I thought it was a pic of Robbie standing on the brim of your hat.
That's 3 minutes and 36 seconds I'll never get back.
I kept watching in hopes of something happening. I was sure you screened it first. I trusted you.
9 seconds? That wasn't even long enough to get bored.
Kind of reminds me of the time my older cousins talked me into getting into the center of a truck tire and rolling me down a steep meadow. I made it about 100 yards before I bounced out. I was about 6 years old at the time.
Or the time I dove out of a tree into the river wearing a football helmet to so the top of my head wouldn't sting the way it does when you dive and don't get your hands positioned just right. Bad idea, almost broke my neck. Or the time three of us guys spent the afternoon jumping off the barn roof onto a pile of horse manure. It was a really soft place to land. No broken bones, but my mother wasn't thrilled by that fact. She made me wash my clothes in a wash tub in the back yard. Boredom was a terrible thing that I refused to suffer for any long period of time.
I was trying to be kind.

Okay. Here is a combo of the last two videos; 4:51 you'll never see again, guys.




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