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It seems clear I'm having some issues with comcast. Intermitent connectivity issues. I've done some rudimentary testing, and it appears that whining is an effective solution.

Imagine that.

They must be repelicans . . .

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If I get my hands on 'em I'll peel 'em with a spoon.




I know just what you're talking about. I have Comcast. Seems when it rain's I lose Triple Play, ( Tv, Phone, Computer ) I call Comcast to report the outage and happen to mention all the rain. The women says it is beautiful where she is, Sudbury, Ontario CANADA. WTF Comcast, I'm in NJ, is it really quicker to dispatch from CANADA. That company is stuck on stupid and every penny they can get their hands on from you. Best of luck Zen. Got to be from that side of the aisle.
"Intermitent connectivity issues"...?
ZD, give them a break... maybe they're over fifty...do you think there's a pill for it?
The red pill, the red ballot, I just hate red. What's really interesting, is it works absolutely great this morning.
I have had Comcast Triple Play for two years and have not almost not problems. However the price keeps going up and I am going to have to find something else.
Ya-ya. It's a game. It's called


I had little problem getting on line with FairPoint, Comcast seems to keep dropping packets. Kinda makes me want to shoot someone.




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