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I decided to rephrase the question.

What can you think of that is better than ice-cream?

Besides SEX!!!

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a beeyootiful fall evenin, jes warm a nuff whar ye dint need a jacket but jes chilly a nuff whar a cuple of folk mite sit a bit closer to keep frum a'gittin a chill n also the one doller brakefus speshul in bugtussle

Add a watermelon or a piece of pie to that warm evening and I wouldn't complain.

Can we make it pecan pie? Pecan pie is better than ice cream.

Warm Pecan pie with ice cream is even better.

Pecan pie? YUCK!  Whoever decided nuts made good pie?



What rock have you been livin' under that has kept you from knowing the pleasure of Pecan Pie?......especially warm Pecan Pie.

At least now we know you're not a Southerner

Maybe she is a cute yankee?

My pecan trees prefer you eat pecan pie.

Pecan pie is very good, but I don't like too much of it at a time.  A sliver is plenty!

I just never cared for even a sliver.  I grew-up on pies that were soft and comforting.  Nuts are okay in their place, but their place is not in my pie or cookies.  Even in candy bars, I'll suck the chocolate off and spit out the nuts.

OK, Now we know. Slim is really an alien. No real bonified human don't like pecan pie. Especially with ice cream.




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