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Anything interesting happen while I was out? Anybody marry anybody else? Anybody jump ship? MyAtlantis revealed as just another Bernie Madoff scheme? Any charming new members revealed to be creepy gelatinous invaders from Altair 6? It's so hard to keep abreast of things these days....

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The fiddleheads are back and I was wondering how to cook them.........................................

1GL, you're sooooooo BAD!!!!! Spreading lies like that! hehehe
Nancy admitted she trolls on people's emotions. It was rather touching.

Funes and his dog are starring in Funes own remake of "A Boy And His Dog."

AggieK confessed she actually lives in Connecticut.
ZOG came one step closer to world dominance.....!!!LOL!!!

I knew it!!
"Start", she says...
Connecticut is looking pretty good now.
I should be ready for The Shore as soon as I get a toupee, face lift and body transplant.
Who are you???
Whoa!!! B A F!!!! You didn't tell me. How'd it go. Come on girl, let's hear it! :)
BAF, you have a fever?




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