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Cute little stinkers, ain't they? Except for those claws that could disembowel a jaguar.

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Cute little backscratchers.
That orphanage looks like my dad my brothers and myself after Thanksgiving dinner .......
Only their Mother would love them.
Thanks Snagg. Now I know what has been happening to the green beans in my garden.
Emboweling is what the taxidermist does after you disembowel a bear. Jeeze, you city girls don't know much about anything do you?
Thats a contest to see how far you can throw David Bowe.
And what if someone throws David Bowie back?

Yeah ... that's right, "reboweling"! Deal with it.
Sloth eats shoots and leaves.
Well now...THIS thread certainly took an odd turn, didn't it?

Keep it up, people...
And I always thought a sloth was one of the seven deadly sins.
Along with Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy and the rest of those twisted little freaks?




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