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Are you aware of it? Do you know what it requires? Does it require all of us to prove that we are a legal US citizen or face prison? When would this be considered unreasonable search and seizure?

As the comedians say, "I couldn't be making this up". A California congressman says that hair and shoes can be an indication of someone being an illegal alien. Do I need to visit a barber and shoe store before crossing into Arizonia? The Governor of Arizonia says that she does not know how to identify an illegal alien but by golly her law enforcement personnel will require papers be shown when they identify someone who looks like one. However, racial profiling is illegal so if the Law Enforcement personnel use that they will be breaking the law. Who is on First? 

What is your take on this law? 

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I'm really happy someone is finally taking a stand on this. Get the illegals out and quit wasting my tax dollars on people who don't share the burden. There are illegals from every country in the world here. Including illegals that would be more than happy to blow up subways and shopping malls, like they do in their countires of origin. Round them out and ship them out, whatever country they came from. If they want to wait in line and go through the proper channels, which involves background and criminal checks, fine, they're more than welcome. My great great grandparents waited in line, filled out the forms, learned the language and followed the rules. If this new batch of immigrants refuse to follow the rules, they need to GET OUT! Good for Arizona!!! There may be problems as this is implemented, but it's a step in the right direction.
I'm not sure what kind of issues you mean. If you're legal, you'll be "documented" (the politically correct term for "legal")...if you're not "documented" (legal), you won't.

I play by the rules. I don't speed. I don't cheat on my taxes. I don't take company pens home from work. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for lawbreakers and cheaters.

If a cop asked for my identification and ran my name through the system, I would show up as an American citizen. If he runs an illegal alien's name through the system and there is no match, then that person should be sent packing.
Yes, but the point is that if you're out jogging or walking the dog and you don't happen to have your license or your passport on you, then you're going to jail if some cop doesn't like your face.

And then, after everything gets sorted out and the police acknowledge that you're a citizen, guess what? They don't apologize and let you go. No sir. You get a hefty fine and possible jail sentence as punishment for not carrying your ID.

This law equates people who don't have an ID with them with criminals. If a policeman asks for your ID for any reason (and, thanks to other parts of this law, they don't even need to have a reason...) and you don't have it with you at that moment, the best you can hope for is a large fine.

Oh, and god forbid that you try to report to the police that your wallet was stolen. That can't end well, if you look remotely foreign.
Everyone is supposed to have their ID on them at all times. I do. So, what's the problem?

Maybe you enjoy spending your hard earned dollars supporting people who are in the country illegally, but I don't.

Get legal or GET OUT!
Wylde, you and I usually agree, but we sure as hell are at oppisite ends on this one. I don't carry my ID at all times. There is no law in any state that I know of, previous to this one , that says I have to. Nobody is going to routinely force me to identify myself as a citizen of this country unless I have left and am coming back in.. Anymore, I rarely get violent, but this one could push me over the edge. I didn't sweat in some of the hell holes of this earth protecting you and the rest of the citizens of this country to come come home and have to prove that I have a right to be here. If you want to live in a police state why the hell don't you move to one.
At a former workplace, the INS raided another building up the street from work and arrested 25 or more illegals. The federal INS detentipn facility was just down the street, too. It was a company that supplied to the airlines at SeaTac airport. That company got into a lot of trouble, and the raid wiped out most of their workforce!
When someone gets to our country illegaly, it seems like many of them are putting their lives in other people's hands. That's a pretty bad position to be in cause if someone takes advantage of you, you can't go hire an attorney. By becoming illegal they have forfeited their rights.
Right. Why not go through the proper channels and become legal? Oops, I mean "documented."

People who refuse to abide by the law and skirt the system are immediately suspect in my mind. I don't do that. I play by the rules and I have no respect for those that don't. I don't care about them or their families or their children. A crook is a crook is a crook.
So, You think that if I go out for a run and some overzeaious police officer decides he don't like people jogging in his territory, he can ask for my ID and if I can't produce it; I go to jail and after have someone bring my Id to the jail, I am on the hook for a hefty fine. If I can't find someone to bring my ID in I rot in jail for the rest of my life? I'm sorry, but this just flat makes no sense to me. You bet your ass that I would rather support some illegal alien than give up my freedom.
Bull, This is the first time I have heard this. I guess I better do some research. Because I will not abide by that law. Anywhere, anytime. I am a very law abiding citizen but I have a limit.
I deleted because I was wrong. Many states require you to Identify yourself, not produce ID
That I can live with. I am even willing to prove who I am, by going with the person requesting ID to my home and showing it. But, this is a very delicate situation. I think I have served my country and proved my loyality. The temperment that was required to do that, can be redirected against the country if I think it is wrong.
Even though I disagree with what they are advocating, I understand the anger of the "Tea Party" supporters. We are a people who dislike authority that is misdirected. Enough said.




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