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We all live somewhere. Some of us are rooted to one place. Others move often. During the time I was growing up, most people seemed to want to move somewhere else. At least that's the way it seemed. I know that I couldn't wait to move somewhere else. At 19 I went from West Virginia to Colorado.  I have moved frequently ever since. I now live in an RV, but I'm thinking of settling down and staying in one place.

The problem is in picking the place.

If you like where you live could you tell us why?

If you are thinking of moving, where to?

If you don't like where you are but have no plan to move, Why?

I'm looking for the perfect place.

Want to help me find it? 

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The pleasure would be all mine, B A F.

Bon Voyage!

Have a wonderful adventure!

I am living where I want to live.

I would tell you, Robbie, how visually beautiful Pennsylvania is--the hills and valleys, the lakes and rivers, the architecture! How you can be at the ocean in an hour and the mountains in an hour and a half.
The people are friendly, the community is strong, and if you’re into History…well, we have a little bit of that here :-)

I can tell you about the first class restaurants, museums, and entertainment, sports teams that consistently make the playoffs and a World Series winning baseball team.

You can be in NYC in an hour and a half, DC in three.

We have four distinct seasons. The summers aren't too hot.

O, and, sometimes? We get snow.

I'm from nowhere but from everywhere.  I'm a USAF brat.

Moved to the mitton state when I started HS.  My folks, Dad, could not stay in one place more than 3yrs...or hold a job for that matter.   26yr of having the military tell what/when/how to do everything makes an impression. 

I have had many addresses here in my town but I have no real desire to move away.  I do love to travel but I so love to come home.  

I love the 4 seasons....yes, the crappy winter weather too.  There is nothing more wonderful than a raging winter storm or the lovely cool spring night  breeze.  Summer here is a prize.

I plan on staying...cast my ashes on the "Big Lake".

Come for a visit...Just remember it's a peninsula....one way in...two ways out....one involves a very long bridge and the other...Canada...that "other" country.   :-)

I want to thank each and everyone for the replies.  I read them all.  Sounds like 5 of you are really happy where you are. That of course does not mean that you don't like to travel and see new things, but you know that you are in an area where you feel perfectly content to spend the most of your time.  

Three of you are pretty content where you are, or at least have accepted that you have valid reasons for being there. 

A couple of you aren't to sure either way.

One has no idea.

And one is going to live on the road for an extended period, visiting new and exciting places and meeting new people. BAF, let me know when you work your way to the eastern part of the continent.

I probably will never find that ideal spot, but I have narrowed the choices down to a manageable number.

The attached picture was taken from the RV Park on Patrick AFB, FL. that is near Cape Canaveral. It is on the short list.

well actually, the short list is still pretty long. With the exception of Colorado Springs, CO they are all on the East or Gulf Coast.



I grew up in Colo. Spgs. Robbie. The most beautiful place I have ever been.
I am pretty content where I live..of course when the temps hit 110 and the wind is blowing 40+ mph I will be wishing I was someplace else. 
The other place is the Black Hills. We have a vacation home there and would love to spend more time there as we retire. I haven't been there for over a year and I am yearning to spend some time there this summer.

Do you live where the red dots are?


Now I know why I like the East Cost of Florida. During hurricane season I go to WV where it is safe. Notice the Green dots?

I gripe about the snowy winters, but really do love having all 4 seasons.

I am happy where I am, but would like to visit other places too.

Close to NYC, Dan Brouthers Memorial statue, no grizzly bears or spitting cobras, Dylan's Big Pink house, apple orchards, Hell Hound Ink, Portofino Ristorante, Vassar College radio, dog friendly parks, Ever Ready Diner, politician Joel Tyner, it's not New Jersey.


Have to conclude that it is a quite satisfactory place to call home.

We'll have to work on that.

Every place I have lived has it's own beauty, depends on what a person enjoys. I like 4 seasons and even though I complain about the snow, I wouldn't want to live where there is no white Christmas. I enjoy where I live, I love North Dakota, it's quiet and beautiful and humble all rolled into one. The rich earth of the Red River on the east end, to the flat lands in the middle, the butts to the west. Wonderful fishing and hunting if you're into that.

My ultimate favorite part of ND, mostly Bismarck is the fact I feel safe here. I leave windows open in the summer when no one is home and know when I get home everything will still be there. I can see people jogging passed my house at 6:00 am  and they actually still wave, and will say good morning as they pass. (even if I'm wearing a bathrobe) It's a town with large town options with a small town feel.





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