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 It's way too soon to celebrate. Every legislator who voted for it is hoping and praying that he/she was right. I'm hoping and praying they were right too.


Only time will tell.

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Now the government is saying that they will only cover only 95% of the population.
A little cherry pickin goin on?
We ain’t seen nothing yet.
For all of you who like your opinions in black and white (no pun intended), check this out.

I didn't log in to post a comment, he was spot on about the republican party, he could have said the same thing about the democratic party. It's time to clean house and see to it that this historic bill passed last night gets a fair chance.
How can we trust our government?
Backroom deals.
Free airports.
Taking the student loans away from the banks.
Let me tell you, this is not a honest business practice.
Fine example sent to our kids.
Offer me a one million dollar bribe and I will laugh at you.
Some people still have pride in themselves.

Maranna Huffington (spelling) in not an example of anything.
I guess that some people have to sneak up on their mirror, so it won't reflect their true worth.
Kathy Arlene wrote: "...Alain and I discussed options... stay here with no insurance, move to France where I would be covered by his socialized coverage... but during the discussions he told me that knowing my family history (a brother and a niece with Cerebral Palsy) I should know that he knew of instances in France of babies born with defects not being given life-saving care or parents being told they were still-born (and the Mother knew that was not the case)....

So, my fear is the withholding of care when cost (either immediate or long-term) is weighed along with the individual's ability to contribute.... this may not be in the immediate future, but down the road who knows... as some have stated insurance companies do this now.... we are trading one master for another... it may not be a 'fix' but instead only a 'trade.' "

Kathy, I have never heard of any situations in this country where care has been withheld because of inability to pay. Obviously I am not aware of everything that goes on, and perhaps errors are made as they are everywhere, but your friend may have been going on very old information as far as handicapped babies are concerned. In any case, it is well known that the infant mortality rate here is, at present, far, far lower than it is in the USA.

My experience was that I was obliged to ask them to stop treatment when it was obvious that my husband was no longer present and had not been for nearly two weeks. I gave them our living will and the doctor was grateful that I was able to make the decision not to keep him alive unnecessarily, because he was not able to propose it himself.
I agree with Lar, Throw all the incumbent Congress People out of office and start with a new slate that are not corrupted by Washington politics. I don't understand how you can spend almost a trillion dollars in the next ten years and reduce the deficit. Doesn't make sense to a simple man like me.
Dottie - where are you finding this information?
This bill is not perfect and I am sure adjustment can and will be made as needed. We could have had a better bill if the Republicans would have actually compromised just a little but from what I can tell they felt that bringing down the elected President was more important than health care for Americans.
Quinn. Most proponents of the bill don't know what it says or does either.

In an earlier post of mine, I recanted the "fool" part of my headline. It was wrong, I was in a foul mood. I apologize to all. I just now edited and took it out.
Thank you Larry.
I do not wish to continue an argument but I believe that if you will check voting records in congress you will find that many Democrats voted for Bush's agenda. At least in the beginning.
I do agree with you that we would be better off without political parties. George Washington warned against them in his Farewell Address in 1796.
PA, no you don't want that.
The greatest characteristic of the democracy is the opposition...other way it is a dictatorship




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