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A student this morning asked me to define eccentric. I gave her my definition....someone on the side of strange with a quirky personality.

She immediately responded, "That's you Ms. Evasco!"

I don't know whether to be flattered or offended.  LoL  I'm more of the former than the latter.

ec·cen·tric (dictionary.com)

1. deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice, etc.; irregular; erratic; peculiar; odd: eccentric conduct; an eccentric person.

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Kids are so literal and I wouldn’t worry about it.


I used to pretend to be eccentric until I met some people who were eccentric to the point of being scary.

Now I'm happy being boring.

I am just an Aggie without a K going to Muster on Saturday with his Aggie son.

Do you carry rifles when you muster? In the army we often had to bring our weapons. In aviation units I got to muster with a .38 cal revolver. I the National Guard I got to muster with a greese gun; the cheapest Automatic weapon ever built. In think Continental Can made them out of surplus cans that they had laying around. Mustering can be a lot of fun if it involves a few kegs of beer and no guns.  

Check out M3 submachine gun on Wikipedia. I was my assigned weapon when I was a gunner on a light tank. Well, ac76tually it was my backup. The 76mm was my main weapon. 

ac76tually should have been actually. Check out M41 Walker Bulldog. That was my baby.

Over 12,000 Aggies showed up on Saturday, The Corp brought their rifles and fired several rounds in Reed Arena.  12 of my classmates died last year.

Eccentric seems to be a pejorative term for individual.  A square peg in a community of round holes. Unique.

Yesterday a friend from my needle arts guild (a group of individuals) asked me what I did in my work life.

I told her I took the stories of pediatric cancer patients and turned them into numbers for statistical analysis.

That seemed to satisfy her curiosity for the time being.

But after 36 years of doing that, I still appreciate the value of the unique in every story.

This morning I indulged myself in a rant to my daughter about our (human? cultural? pathological?) obsession with categorizing people and behavior.  I said that it seemed to me that too many people just wanted to easily categorize their observations of people, events and behavior and then think they understand.  To me that is just the beginning of understanding.

April is Autism Awareness Month.  Be aware, then seek to understand.

I'm not eccentric, but I don't fit in whith my neighbors very well.  One family owns 4 of the properities on my road which makes them think they own the whole mountain.  I think they do their best to make me feel eccentric.

im suthern baptist n wuz a studyin up to becum a preest but thay dint cotton to folks havin beerds or a mustash 

No. However I am a pretentious dick and that should count for something.

You have a pretentious dick? 

A pretend dick? I once knew a woman who had one of those.




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