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I have two friends (both women) that are automatically biased against any animated movie. One of them was dragging her feet about seeing Avatar before finally relenting to her boyfriend's request.

To me, good storytelling is good storytelling. Live action, animated, or any combination of the two. How you the rest of you feel about this subject?

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I'm not real fond of Anime but I do enjoy the Disney/Pixar kind of animation. The Last Airbender (which in cartoon form was originally The Avatar) is coming out and I am excited to see what kind of treatment M.Night Shamalayn has given it. His last two films did not impress me much, but he was given an excellent established story to work with on this last one. It really is about the storytelling but poor animation can ruin even the best of stories.
I loved Ice Age and that's about the last movie I saw.
I don't mind animation when it's well done, but I'm not looking forward to seeing Avatar because of the hype and because it is not a genre that interests me.

On the other hand, I love Wallace and Gromit.
I felt much the same way about Avatar Chez........until I saw it. But for it to truly be appreciated, it must be seen in 3-D. Even with the somewhat predictable good-guy, bad-guy scripting, I thought it the most unique and thus enjoyable movie experience I have ever had. The Disney animations fall under the "cute" category for me.
'E took 'is cane, with the 'orses 'ead 'andle, and poked it in Wallace's ear. Wallace, not taking kindly to this little joke, 'et Albert up.
The first thing is to realize that "cartoons" are a medium, like sound or black & white or color. They are not, nor should they be treated like a genre unto themselves.

The second thing is to realize that Walt Disney put a permanent kink on the idea of animation with his dictum that it should be aimed solely at children. The medium has had an uphill battle ever since...
I'm not trying to be a jerk, my brother (I don't need to try, it happens naturally), but sound & color are not media, they are sensory phenomena delivered by various media.

This concludes the Pedantry Drill. Had this been an actual alert, you would have donned your Buckminster Fuller glasses and recited the first ten pages of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

Go back in the club, folks, the excitement's over.
Semantics, schmemantics...
You said "semantics".
A good animated movie can be as good as any live action. In my humble opinion UP was one of the best movies I ever saw.
I agree that animation movies can be every bit as good as live action. I just don't think of them as the same thing. I don't know how to explain it. I can enjoy either. Or I can dislike either. I would never compare "Alice in Wonderland" with "The Big Leobowski". I would however compare Alice to "Hellboy" although I do not think they are in the same league.
Chez, You might not enjoy it because of the story, but I think you would be impressed by "Avatar" in 3-D because of the mind blowing effects. The same for "Alice" but I would guess you might even like the story in "Alice".
Did you ever see Road House? I can't wait to see the animated version, especially the last fight scene. Gnarly!




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