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I've had two people mention that comments have either disappeared or been 'deleted' from the posts that I have written lately.  I read one of them before it vanished and responded to it, but have gotten reports of others doing the same thing.

I have examined the posts from my perspective and see no way that I could have deleted these inadvertently, or even intentionally.  There are 'x's' only beside the comments I have made myself.

Is this a common problem here?  To those of you who have posted topics on this site before, is there something that I am doing that could be causing this? 

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I've done that more times than I want to admit Quinn.

Those damn Mayans are screwing with us.


Yeah, I'm hoping the "Powers That Be" can see their way clear to keep this place open until December 22, or thereabouts.

One of my post did disappear a couple of days ago and yes I did hit the add reply button. Slim even replied to it before it left. I just posted it again. No big deal.

You'll know it's serious when Q&A goes blank...:-)

I go blank 3 or 4 times a day....just sayin'

iTz da Fadin' NeTwoRK SyNdrOmE.

Two days ago, I spent a good 10 minutes writing a post to the mysteriously lost discussion, but when I hit the submit button, everything disappeared.

My sister says we're all a bunch of wuzzies and need to be more decisive (not divisive) by adopting the corporate shark mentality.

R says she's leaving.

K says she'll assume the lead position temporarily (before or after) payments are made.

A-Z volunteers to contribute to cover expenses.

Why are the powers that be dragging the transition?

K pulls out....

Time for ....

TO WHAT SHORE????????????

I'm sure it all makes perfect sense to those in the know.  Those in the know aren't us, sorry to say.  

I think I'm deep in something. But, it ain't the know.

I'll never admit to not hitting the "Add Reply" button. My posts sometimes just mysteriously do not get posted. I think it's those darn goonies. I saw a movie about them one time.

did anyone notice that I said darn? Please don't take offense.

I'm just waitin' for somebody to tell me which door to open next.

I've already opened one and found a prize......so I'm ahead of the game no matter what.

It's the not knowing and having to wait that's the hard part.

"God give me patience and give it to me right now!"

Our research project is waiting for the result of our second submission for renewal of our grant.

We should know by next week.   AAAAARGH!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to plug away at data clean-up for planned analyses.

The good news is that I could quit anytime I want.

There is a lesson here somewhere~~~




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