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First the East Coast storms/floods--then the California earthquake--and now folks in West Virgina suffer yet another tragedy which we as a Country of The United statesof America shall endure together.  My heart goes out to the people of Montcal, West Virginia--and all of WV with them as they deal with the tragic lost of 25, (Which will possibly grow to 29), lives because of a tragic coal ining accident.  May God's grace be with you all as you begin the road that shall lead t the healing process.



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Excellant point LJ.
Thank you Pru for the link. The last I heard there were only 7 dead but this new new's release is just devastating..My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Pru, Thanks for posting this. L.J. You seem to know the situation in WV very well and your comments are valid.

From the age of 8 to 13 I lived about 11 miles from Montcoal, WV. I am a native of WV and still own most of the family farm there. I point this out simply to validate any comment I may make about this disaster.

As with any human endeavour, there are complicating factors. I have great sympathy for the families that are affected by this disaster. But why should the high number of dead and maimed have a greater impact than the death of one miner? It hasn't been that long since 13 were lost over near Buckhannon, WV. when these things happen, the number of violations are always publicized. Why not make those figures known even when no disaster occurs? Would we read them? would we care?

Vast amounts of WV have been owned by the coal companies since the early 1800s. WV is what is termed an Extraction state. What that means is that the majority of its wealth is derived from natural resources. Some of the other states owned by the extraction industries are Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. This is not a complete list. The other prime employers in WV are the Timber, Oil & Gas, and Chemical industries. In the past decade
some of the auto industry has moved there.
Every time one of these disasters occur there is a great expression of condemnation about the safety violations. then it dies down and we stop thinking about it. I've lived with those people and let me tell you, some of the most ardant opponents of the enforcement of safety regulations are the miners. They often see enforcement of the regulations as a threat to their livlehood. There are no other well paying jobs in those areas.
One Option is Surface mining, also known as Mountain Top removal. In surface mining you also have many accidents, but they usually involve only one or two people. So they get little publicity. The mine inspectors are disliked by both the owners and the miners. It is not a fun job.
Doing away with our dependence on coal and other natural resources will eliminate many of these headline grabbing disasters, but it will also force the miners to disrupt there lives by taking other lower paying jobs, being unemployed, or relocating. Very possibly all three. This whole thing is a very complicated structure that has existed for over 200 years. The biggest changes for the better were a result of unionization. How do you feel about unions?

At present, it would seem that some measure other than monitary fines are required if we are to make the extraction industries safer. But what?
First let me say my heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and their families.

I say victims because from what I have heard and read today I believe this is no accident but a crime of bottom line actions. Don Blankenship ceo of Massey enegery has ben a unionbuster for years. Unions keep mine work safe a possible. This man feels any gamble with safety increases the bottom line and funerals are cheaper than saftey and I hope this does turn into a criminal invesagation.

Please google Don Blankenship if you at all curious. I don't really want to make this a political thread so I have chosen not to link.

Again Bless these families.
I agree that Blankenship should stand trial for murder. But it will never happen.
You make a whole lot of sense Robbie.
I hope the miners families can remain strong through this.
My prayers go out to the families also! Maybe, just maybe, the ones not yet recovered will be found alive!

The last bit of news I heard, Massey's accidents in 2009 compared to 2008 jumped dramatically! Too busy making big money to be safe?
We have to give grace whre grace is due!! Did anybody see or hear about what happened in a China coal mine yesterday?? Pretty dang amazing I must say!! Thee was a coal mine explosion in that country too--So far there ave been only 5 bodies found--BUT they manage to rescue and save the lives of 115 men!! Th bad news however there are currently still 23 coal workers they are stll looking for. Here's hoping they find more of them alive then dead!





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