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I have this thing about bikes. I love to ride my bike when the weather pemits. I do not go long distances. Never longer than 3 hrs at any time. I climb trees and have a tree house with a rope. I work full time on a very responsible job.

I have 2 children in their 30's that are driving me nuts, and think I should act like an old lady. I do not drink, smoke, do drugs--

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People who call you crazy may be lazy ;-)
Nope. You're not crazy, just a fun-loving person. 3 hours on a bike? I did that as a kid, but at my age, an hour is plenty for me. You must have a much better seat on your bike. My bike seat must have been made in a brick factory! LOL.
Lowell, my bike is a Harley softail and will roll--zummm
You're enjoying yourself. Imagine how much fun you'd have if you drank, smoked and did drugs.
Blondie better not listen to Larry!!! He'll get her in trouble every time!!! lol
I like doing yard work as I love the outdoors.
It’s better than sitting behind a desk watching computer monitors for eight hours.
The only exercise that I would get was changing a box of paper about every three hours in my printer.
I did love the work though.
Celebrating the inner child - you GO girl!!!
As crazy as hauling timber into the woods.
Thats what she looks like, but she is purple.-----Love to ride.
I wish I were as adventurous as you, Blondie!!! Go for it!!! You're not in the least bit crazy!!!
No, I have two cabins in the woods without elect or water. But do have generator if I need electic and three creeks if I need water. But after 2 days I drive to the farm house for a shower.
I have to climb the rope to get to it. It is the size of a small room, with electric. No bath, yet




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