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Just tried to join up over at myatlantis. Get all signed up, all neat'n'cozy, try to post something, and the friggin' captcha keeps insisting that I'm incorrectly answering it's question - Even when I'm not.

Once again, modern electronic communications technology pukes it's brains out when I show up. GRRRRRRR.

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Kind of like standing in line at an ATM. You've done it many times yet the one time when there is a line out the door the machine decides to revolt when your card goes in.
Never happened but thank your source for the heads up.
If/when? This place closes I will just wander around like the headless horseman.
My men only web site has been taken over by women.
My snow cat site is getting boring.
I don’t know what to do on facebook without joining the mafia.
My other social website has been taken over by teeny boppers.
I guess I can sit in the corner and stack Beebe’s.
Who's Beebe? And what has she got to stack?

I think she is running for Governor of Florida.
bump nancy




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