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Just tried to join up over at myatlantis. Get all signed up, all neat'n'cozy, try to post something, and the friggin' captcha keeps insisting that I'm incorrectly answering it's question - Even when I'm not.

Once again, modern electronic communications technology pukes it's brains out when I show up. GRRRRRRR.

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Thanks Snagg. It is annoying.

Given what's going on - it's to protect the newly hatched site from being "phished" as there is the (very real) possibility of some people being quite vindictive or just plane nasty.

You are not alone - the darn things are difficult to read. Hopefully it will soon not be necessary.
No, no - I just discovered that it only refuses your attempt if you're trying to post in the "reply" feature. If you post in the big blank box at the top of the page, it works. Just another glitch. They follow me around like gnats.
I wonder if they do any vicious name-calling at myatlantis like I've seen here.
I would be honored to carry on such a proud tradition.
I'm sure you're not alone.
There you go again, I had to look up viscous. My vocabulary increases with you around, that's a good thing.
I can do that:

"You slimy, putrescent, glue-footed slob". That works, right?
Oh! May I add lying thieving duplicitous and deceptive pecker head?
What?!? I lie. I NEVER said what I just said.

But . . . it might be permissible elsewhere.
I didn't hear you say anything.
I was going for descriptives that match the "viscous" category, but What the Hell, right?
It kept refusing to allow me to sign up because I had another ning account with the same e-mail. I finely figured out, I Think, that if I am signed in at tbd I don't need to sign in to use another Ning site. I don't know for sure, but floundered around and finely got on.
Use the same email account and password for it as you do here. It solves all sorts of angst. And no - no one - not even the creators can view your password or emails PM's etc. it's all routed through a central location using robotics to avoid problems.




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