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Ok, TBD is gone, Ning TBD is here, we are splashing in the kiddie pool getting used to it.
BUT...Did anyone notice that there is no leadership? No governance, no management, administration?

Not gainsaying anyone, but the creator of this site is absent. There are no notes on the Notes tab. The badge says "Sorry, no..." which is ominous and probably unintentionally mysterious and rude.

Obviously some work has been done, some things moved around to make it more comfortable, but since there is no profit incentive, there is of course not much effort or imagination.

BUT...Does the inspiration, the sweat, the ingenuity, the possibilities - do these things REQUIRE financial gain? I suspect there are several members here who would love to contribute, to suggest, to even create applications, try new features, make badges, add notes about the direction of the site.

This Ning is an investment of our hearts again, just as TBD was. TBD fell to pieces and little is known about why. I've heard it was not a money issue, which leaves only a few other likelihoods.

Is it possible that NingTBD could be a more open, communal, perhaps even viral experiment in a group dynamic that does more than just splash in the waters?

Too early to think about, but I throw it out there anyway. TBD seemed to operate behind a curtain, here there is a curtain with no one behind it. There is no "Under construction", or "Help wanted".

Will this new home thrive, or will it stagnate without any leadership? It's like the feeling when you move into a new house and you run around and pick rooms and windows and closets and attics. It feels pretty cool. Then you notice there are no parents, and the fridge is empty.

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Maybe they went on vacation?
I don't think this is a minor concern. This site was started and then just left alone to become whatever it becomes. I guess financial gain drives everything in today's world. I also think you are right that there are people among us who are fully capable of making changes that would improve the site but I do not know it that is possible.
I think perhaps it is us, the members, who need to look at this site a little differently.
In the original, it was some what like a dorm as some one told me. We rented space in a maner of speaking. There were rules we all lived by and concerns that were expressed, some listened to others not.
I consider this site more a commune. Someone provided the land and it is up to us to make it work.
We all have different abilties and I hope some who might see a good idea come forward if they know how to implement it.
It also means that we all need to come to a concenus about what we want and hopefuly we can help make this a better site where we all continue as a vibrant community.
What do you mean "Obviously some work has been done, some things moved around to make it more comfortable, but since there is no profit incentive, there is of course not much effort or imagination."

Someone started TBDning so we could stay together. Many thanks to them for their effort! Maybe Oz isn't here as much, but we are adults. If someone knows how these things work, then do something. I will just mind my manners and play with my friends. I don't need the adults.
No supervision??

Well I'm claiming my space right here in this square. I've always wanted my own country club so's I'm chopping down some wood to build a clubhouse.

Please stand aside......chop chop chop chop......TIMBER!!!!!!!
Reply by George V. Richards 3 hours ago on NING - HELP:
I copy and paste it here because it explains a great deal, and is from someone who has been manning the front line daily in order to help us, and who knows of what he speaks. FYI in " Notes" (see header) it shows that time line here started in and around the 25th of June.

{...} "There can be little doubt that Robin Wolaner created this Network. The problem is, and remains, that a NING Network requires a good deal of knowledge and the learning curve can be quite taxing. If my assumptions are correct, neither Robin not Kat, not anyone else previously associated with the old TBD Admin is going to take the necessary time to learn the skills required to deal with some of the problems we have encountered here. That is why they have stated that they will offer no assistance and that any help will be up to us, the members.

This would be fine, were it not for the fact that only those who actually created the Network have the password to get into the management portion of the site in order to make several necessary changes/ The membership cannot do this. Therefore, we have been left in complete darkness as to what we can do, outside of the menial little changes to our home pages. We don't;t even have the luxury of javascript codes to enhance out pages.

What we have instead is a core Network whose many facets have been under utilized, or not utilized at all to our benefit, because in order for the other capabilities to function here, Robin et all would have to spend time actually learning how to manipulate the management core of the Network. But, thy have not bothered to ask me to help them, though I offered my services.

In this case, you get what you DON'T ask for." {...}
Alendar, the moderation on this website is done by group creators and administrators. There is ning help. I don't know how effective the help is. But we can find out. What else do you need?
Here are the new administrators. They are effective in helping you wake up and warning you of incoming humans.

I posted this on another thread, but think it is worth repeating. Just my opinion.

I would tend to disagree to a point. First we are just figuring out what is here. I am not sure there is a need for more just yet. I am hopeful in time we can come to a consensus on the features, but right know I trust Robin. In time she may ask for assistance and perhaps a group but I would not want to see the keys turned over to one person.
We don't seem to be having any major problems so I would urge patients. Lets learn this.
Projecting the future is like tying your shoestrings when they aren't in your shoes....
Yeah. Something like that, I agree. Something vague, but withouta doubt outa place.

I think some financial incentive is essential. I thought the former leadership was outstanding. I would not have minded being a part of it. Can a hive form, maintain itself and grow without somekind of nucleus? I guess we'll find out.
We seem to have internalized that voice... it appears to me that we're learning to take responsibility, to watch out for ourselves instead of constantly running to report. Are we growing up?

I think for the most part we are managing to make this a comfortable place on our own, even if it's not so busy as the SS TBD1.




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