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Let's celebrate the beauty and power of the human voice without instrumental accompaniment. Any genre, any format.

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Gorgeous, P.A.!  This is a great example of the contrast between an unaccompanied voice and one with instrumental back-up. Thanks!  It's interesting...I find I truly like her a cappella voice best for this song. It matches the purity and simplicity of the lyrics and melody.

A classic Welsh love song, Myfanwy.

Why is it anger, O Myfanwy,
That fills your eyes so dark and clear?
Your gentle cheeks, O sweet Myfanwy,
Why blush they not when I draw near?
Where is the smile that once most tender
Kindled my love so fond, so true?
Where is the sound of your sweet words,
That drew my heart to follow you?

What have I done, O my Myfanwy,
To earn your frown? What is my blame?
Was it just play, my sweet Myfanwy,
To set your poet's love aflame?
You truly once to me were promised,
Is it too much to keep your part?
I wish no more your hand, Myfanwy,
If I no longer have your heart.

Myfanwy, may you spend your lifetime
Beneath the midday sunshine's glow,
And on your cheeks O may the roses
Dance for a hundred years or so.
Forget now all the words of promise
You made to one who loved you well,
Give me your hand, my sweet Myfanwy,
But one last time, to say "farewell".

Fabulous choice, DD! Nothing more fun and alive than collaboration...Talk about audience participation!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, one of my favorite groups in the world, DD! Thanks for posting this.

SHR's activism, advocacy, and transformative power are truly a part of them. Their passion is not just an affectation to sell records.  Dr. Reagon, one of the group's founders, is absolutely amazing. She's currently, I believe, Professor Emeritus of History at American University, and Curator Emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

Not nearly as varied as some posted here...which is fantastic!  But I have always like the 'chants'...


A total classic, Robbie. It's perfect!

Can't wait till DD (Janis II) sees it. :>)

I LOVE Gregorian chants, Jaylee! Thanks for this!

I've been looking for a particular group of Russian monks on Youtube...their plainchants have that marvelous, almost, overtone singing...often done by a basso profundo. I'm sure there's a proper name for that particular resonance, but it doesn't spring to mind.

I really like this one

Cool, P.A.  I never heard this version before...




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