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Oh winter morning
Rise from sight
Oppose the suns’
Reflective light
Tis’ grey you blossom
And flower the day
With misty shards
Of earth’s decay
That stab and grind
At foot and fall
Then blow a kiss
To us and all
Rise from sight
Oh winter morning
Bring forth the light
Of mornings' glory
Lest we worry
The day

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Comment by Golanv on January 5, 2010 at 6:11pm
I like this poem too. Today was like being inside of glitter ball here in the Smokies. So cold with tiny flashes swirling in the air, but I had to bundle up like an eskimo to venture out into it. I prefer to paint it from the window in nice warm studio but have to experience it first to get best work. I am patiently watching the paperwhites grow in a pot on my window and enjoying the beauty of snow. It is 8 degrees tonight though so I'm staying in. Thank you.
Comment by Tina on January 5, 2010 at 10:56am
What a sweet way to show both sides to winter, most either love it or despise it. Me? I am a winter lover, especially when the sun shine causes everything to look as though it were made of crystal....I like this poem.



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