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I wanted to take the ride, sit under the stars with you by my side and watch the sky blanket the earth, wade through an ocean of rebirth; a simple moment in time, love to live, live to die, never to turn a blind eye on the freedom of choice, a river of hope, a baby's cry, the pain of doubt, never to forever decide on years ahead and those behind just take the ride and…


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Winter Morning

Oh winter morning
Rise from sight
Oppose the suns’
Reflective light
Tis’ grey you blossom
And flower the day
With misty shards
Of earth’s decay
That stab and grind
At foot and fall
Then blow a kiss
To us and all
Rise from sight
Oh winter morning
Bring forth the light
Of mornings' glory
Lest we worry
The day

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If it were you

If it were you I love

I would say it every day

And I would be honest with my feelings

About what love means to me

And how I celebrate its’ coming

If it were you I love;

And if it were you

I would show you why

And I would tell a story

Of stirring implications

About the hours in days satisfied

If it were you I love;

From the first words

And minutes in time

Of which time stopped

And started again

And whispered the… Continue

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Thank You

This Veterans' Day: I want you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve been to me and my future, how you’ve fought and suffered the pain of separation from loved ones, comrades and life as I live it; how do I thank you proper, what is it I need to do to make you see you are loved by me, this piece of the human race I represent the face of thousands, millions who will never suffer your hand because you honor my freedom to live and love. Carry on.

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Hi how are you seems I haven’t spoken with you in so long seems there’s no time left in the day after I get the regular things out of the way, (I don’t consider you a regular thing but I also don’t hold you in the same esteem as bill paying and taxes and grocery shopping and all the other things I truly hate to do, it’s just I never seem to have time for you; one day it will be different so you think but it’s been this way my whole life and probably will be till my dying day or at least… Continue

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Deconstruct for the sake of art all the things you think you are, like an old recipe filled with flavor made new to reveal the flavor in you, fuss and fusion, trust your illusion, break it, build it, heat It, repeat it and eat it up cause if you don’t I will....

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hippieness friday

Didn’t want to offend you but I had to cause you were walking on the wrong side of the avenue and I didn’t want to kill you but I was made to cause your colors weren’t fitting and I caught you spitting at the unpaid balance that I wade through; death to you and to anyone who carries heat on my street your done for each one of you who threatens my session I say death to you and breath to me; know what I mean when I say I didn’t want to but I had to was made to so I can wade through and… Continue

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I know what happened, I heard of the diagnosis, I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune, please accept my sympathies, is there anything I can do to help, call me if you need anything, anything at all, I’m here if you need me, right here, always near so please do not hesitate to call…….I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now but leave a message and I’ll get right back to you….I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now….. 12% of American Women will develop breast cancer and 3.5% will die… Continue

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Free Lawrence G Hutchins


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