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Hi how are you seems I haven’t spoken with you in so long seems there’s no time left in the day after I get the regular things out of the way, (I don’t consider you a regular thing but I also don’t hold you in the same esteem as bill paying and taxes and grocery shopping and all the other things I truly hate to do, it’s just I never seem to have time for you; one day it will be different so you think but it’s been this way my whole life and probably will be till my dying day or at least yours whichever comes first; I was first to leave the nest and your shell was not as empty as the shell I was to find but find I did and with it I lived and through it I aspired and built my ivory tower and flew away again so be it I did it and I don’t regret one minute without it; some say life is a circle in time, some say time stands still and still some say time is but a human invention to account and atone and to unload; what I carry inside is all I need to reside in my nest, the fear of love, the love of fear, the rising sun, a beating heart, breath; I love you now as I loved you then, resentment holds no edge over us,) So, what’s up, we should do lunch.

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