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The Land Beyond the Forest 7

The next month Mirosi became quite a hero to the village. Márta and Andrei were down at the local pond with most of the townspeople. Everyone that wanted to were ice skating while others playing in the snow and sledding down small hills. Fun was had for everyone.
There were booths set up with sandwiches, cups of soup, coffee and hot chocolate along with pastries. All day long the villagers had fun playing with the children. The luncheon table was set, the lunch bell rung and the children gathered together.
Constantine and his sister Maria were not accounted for. Their mother was quit upset and some of the adults started searching. Andrei took Mirosi on his leash and joined the others. He asked the mother to follow him and to let Mirosi smell the children's blanket.
Andrei then told Mirosi the command to find. Andrei kept the leash on and went as fast as his legs could go with the dog. Over in a patch of woods Mirosi started tugging harder. Andrei let go of the leash. The dog ran ahead yipping.
Constantine was there at the edge of a pond with a long branch trying to hold on to his sister,Maria and keep her afloat. Mirosi stopped and barked loudly then turned to look at Andrei. Andrei gave the dog the command to jump in.
By now the mother had caught up and called to Maria to grab the dogs leash. Maria did as was told and Mirosi pulled her to safety.
The mother wrapped her daughter in the blanket for Andrei to carry. She then sent Constantine on ahead to tell the others what happened. Maria was taken home and Mirosi sent next to the fire to warm up while Márta rubbed the wetness off of him with a small towel.
One of Constantine's friends brought Mirosi a bowl of warm soup. A week went by and down at the community center Mirosi was presented with a small medal with Mirosi Our Hero inscribed on it.
Constantine and Maria's parents were very grateful that Mirosi had his lifesaving training to be there to save their daughter.
Márta and Andrei were very pleased to have such smart dog.

You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.

©Julia A Knaake

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