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The Land Beyond the Forest 6

Márta and Andrei bonded with Mirosi quickly. He spent his time with both and knew the route between the two homes. Mirosi also knew that Shelly and George were welcome at the house. He had also learned the sound of Sue and Jim's automobile coming up the highway before it turned into the drive.
Andrei made him a sturdy leather harness then taught him safety walks along the road.
Márta taught him how to act around the chickens and Miau her gray tabby. Mirosi had been with them almost three months and had learned discipline on how to act around strangers. At Jim and Sues' home the men would go to make toys for the village children. Sue and the other wives would meet at Shelly's and Márta's to make toys and hats with matching mittens for the children.
When they finished then it was time to bake. Each woman baked something then brought it to Márta to divide into small containers to be distributed during the holidays.
Meanwhile the children were learning Christmas Carols. They would dress warmly and walk about the town singing favorite carols to passerby's. Some homeowners would come outside with cups of hot chocolate and cookies for the carolers and give them gifts marked boy or girl. They would also present them with different foods and meats or cheeses. The carolers would carry them to a wagon for distribution.
After singing the carolers would take the gifts to a hall where they were saved until Christmas Day to be distributed to the poor.
Over the years Sue and Jim would invite MaMa and Andrei to their home for Christmas Dinner. This year they went to MaMa's on Christmas Day to celebrate. The house was decorated in every room with a festive look. Andrei had also decorated the outside porch with twinkling lights. Even Mirosi's doghouse had a wreath on the roof. It was snowing so they brought the horses and sleigh. A smooth ride around the small village, bells ringing and delightful friends singing. A great day with family and friends and Mirosi had his first sleigh ride. After a while he slipped under the blanket between Márta and Andrei falling fast asleep.
You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.
©Julia A Knaake

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