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The Land Beyond the Forest 5
Mirosi was introduced to Márta a few weeks later. She was inside making coffee for herself and Andrei. He was quietly reading the newspaper. Márta heard a noise outside the window. She had slightly cracked the window to allow fresh air inside after baking Charred Chili Sauce using pungent Romanian Red Garlic. Andrei and George were going to barb q a lamb. This sauce would be used to marinate the meat.
She heard a sniffing sound come through the window. “Sniff. Sniff again.” She looked over at Andrei to see if he was making the noise. No it was not him. He was quietly engrossed in the newspaper. She went closer to the window and again heard: “Sniff, sniff, sniff then a slight yip.”
Márta put on her long handmade tan winter coat. It used to be a nice looking coat but over twenty years it was getting bare, stained and worn. At one time it was quite beautiful and she could not part with it so used it as an every day work coat.
Outside she saw a small puppy with a black and tan body with a longish hound like head. He looked up at her with his almond shaped eyes and started wagging his slightly curved tail. Shaking his hanging ears he gave a slight yip. Then he kept sniffing near the bushel basket of apples. Soon he flushed out a small mouse. He pounced on it yipping loudly.
Andrei saw the door ajar and heard the commotion on the porch. He walked out and saw Márta looking at the tiny Transylvanian Hound pouncing on the small rodent. When he saw the smile on Márta's face he knew if the owner was not found he would have to start building a doghouse soon.
That afternoon at the barb q Márta brought Mirosi on a red woven leash. He learned fast how to behave and mind his manners. Shelly had two bowls on her back porch that she gave Márta for Mirosi that had been her former dogs bowls.
“When our dear Pateu passed away I could not get rid of her dishes. We had her for eighteen years.” reminised Shelly.
'by the way here is the recioe for my sauce said Márta as she pulled a hand written paper from her pocket.
Márta's Charred Chili Sauce
2 large plum tomatoes
1 yellow onion, cut into chucks
1 chili you pick how spicy you want it
2 cloves Romanian Red garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
¼ cup fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon fresh thyme
2 tablespoons fresh mint
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1/3 cup sesame oil
Preheat oven to 450ºF
Toss the vegetables with the olive oil,
place on rimmed baking sheet
and bake until charred, about 30 minutes.
Shake the pan periodically to expose all surfaces
of the vegetables. Coarsely grind then drizzle
in sesame oil and soy sauce.
Mirosi stayed in the house back in the mudroom. He was a smart little dog and learned quickly to ask to be let outside. Each time he needed to relieve himself he went over to a patch of weeds on the other side of the road. Márta fed Mirosi the same food she ate and he consumed the vegetables with meat gravy happily.
Andrei started making the plans for the dog house in his head. He would actually make a house when he knew Mirosi would be family.
The owner was found after a couple of days and said that was the runt of the litter and if Márta wished to keep it she could. He was in the business of selling these dogs and this one would be culled or given away. Mirosi had escaped from the owners kennel. They had looked for him but gave up thinking he was lost. He had all his dog shots and had been in good health. Andrei showed the owner the plans for Márta's doghouse and approved. He said he could not give away the papers but would pay for the dogs spaying. Márta agreed and when Mirosi returned he had a beautiful outside home. It was insulated and had a removable rug inside. The roof was slightly tilted to keep moisture off and a window was installed on each side to be opened in summer for cross ventilation in summer. A very amply long sturdy fence surrounded the dog house so he would be secure at night or when they were not home.
The former owner was quite pleased that his dog did not have to be culled and was living a good life.
Márta and Andrei were pleased that Mirosi had entered their lives.
You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.
©Julia A Knaake

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