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Pharmaceutical Education: Who's Responsible? Who's Accountable?

Drug education is a deep and seemingly unexplored topic. No, we're not talking about Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" program. We're talking about responsible pharmaceutical education. We're not here to point a finger or cast blame, but we are realistic in reviewing how our society arrived in a place where we have been faced with many unnecessary and irresponsible pharmaceutical-related tragedies.

Many people know more about their TV's, iPods and computers than their prescriptions.

Let's face it, Americans are largely trusting people. We trust "Consumer Reports". We trust our teachers. We even trust our news sources. So when it comes to our health, it's no surprise that many believe that if "the doctor prescribed it, it's gotta be safe and OK". But doctors only know what they are told, and are unable to determine the level of safety to maintain a high standard of practice unless full disclosure has been given by the patient. Omission of fact is not always intentional, as some patients forget to mention a new drug that was prescribed by a different doctor. On the other hand, some patients use fictitious names just to get their hands on more drugs. And some doctors are afraid to say "no" to patients, especially those who are high profile, because they will be fired. Sadly, they sometimes cave in rather than stand their ground and walk away.

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