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Tonight we are near Montgomery, AL. Will be heading on down South tomorrow. Going to an ESCAPEES RV park in Summerdale, AL. Will go to the navel base comissary and stock up on food to carry me through the next couple months. I can stock up on the staples and microwavable stuff. Then all I have to buy is things like milk and bread. We pulled out of Allatoona Landing around 1100 hrs this morning and leasurely drove to Wetumpka, AL. Staying at the Capital City RV Park. It is one of the nicest RV parks I have stayed at. In the bath house they have 5 individual rooms with an enclosed shower, sink, chair, camode, and storage shelf. And they are the cleanest I have experienced. The sites are very wide and about 60 ft. long. they have a nice concrete pad and picnic table on each site. Each site also has its own little lawn. There is a fenced in dog park with trees, grass and benches. I called yesterday and made a reservation. Something I don't usually do. Sure am glad I did because when I pulled in there was a sign on the door. If you don't have a reservation we are sorry, but we are full. I understand why. Took Happy to the dog park and played, I kick the ball, He runs it down, brings it back and I kick it again. He is currently passed out on the floor.I'm attaching a couple pictures of the Allatoona Landing RV Park and Marina. The sex tag was just to get your attention.

Oh yeh, This morning, just after getting on I-75 heading South, I caught up too and passed the "Dolphin Car". If I see it again tomorrow, I'll really be freaked out. Hollowen or not.

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