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Tonight I am sitting in Cypress Bend RV Park in Iowa, LA. How did a town in the swamps of LA come to be named IOWA?
The wind is blowing pretty hard, but I think we missed the tornado, It was up around Shreveport.
Spent Last night at Keesler, AFB Famcamp in Biloxie, MS. I went there because some of my friends that I see in FL every winter were there. And, of course, I met some more people who were going to winter there and said that they thought I would fit right in. I declined. I remember spending a winter there many, many years ago. It gets cold there. When it is 33 degrees, 97% humidity, wind 20 to 40 miles an hour at 5:30 in the morning; I don't want to be there. Of course Maria and BAF would probably think they were in the tropics. I can just picture them laying on the beach in bikinis. Happy got to meet one of his little girl friends from years past. "Foxie" is a Yorkie. She is about as big as Happy's head, but she sure does like him. Until he turns around and catches her with a big wag of his tale and she goes rolling under the camper. His tale is lethal. it will clean off the top of a coffee table with one wag.

I called Kathy Arline from the rest stop near her home and left a voice mail apoligizing for not stopping. Wanted to get further on down the road before the weather gets worse.
Tomorrow I will reach Livingston, I hope. Then I plan to lean back and relax for a while. I will post some pictures in the next segment.


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Comment by Quinn on October 30, 2009 at 7:25am
Glad to hear the tornado missed you...Safe travels my friend!



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