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Blue Angle Aircraft on display at welcome center near pensacola, Fl

At Sumter Oaks RV Park

At Sumter Oaks RV Park

Anybody got a fishing pole? I'm at Patrick AFB, FL. This where i was when I first came across TBD back at the start of 2008. Has it been only 2 years? I have made so many friends on TBD and tbdNing that it seems much longer. Let' see, Where have I been during that period? Key West and back to Patrick(at Cocoa Beach, Fl) then to MacDill(Tampa) to West Virginia. Passed Pru who was in Savannah, GA. We spent the night less than 30 miles apart and didn't know it until the next day when I was a couple hundred miles north of Savannah. Over to VA. Back down to Patrick, Drove the car back to VA for Christmas/New years Eve. Back down to Patrick, flew to Memphis, TN and bought a Class C Moterhome.Drove it to Patrick then to Key West. Back to Patrick. Then MacDill, ,Back to WV,

Spent part of the summer and fall on my farm having Speptic, Water, and electricity installed at the RV pad. Then over to Harpers Ferry, WV for a little over a month and stored the RV in Nov. When i went in to the Reston, VA hospital and had my left hip replaced. Spent Dec. and Jan. in Leesburg, VA recouperating and then hit the road to Patrick AFB, FL.

In March, I flew to KC and met 17 other TBD ers at the first big get together. Had a great time. Flew back to FL. In May I drove the RV to Tampa and visited relatives. Then headed West. Visited friends in Biloxi, Ms. Then on to Houston where I met Pru and WS. Then Robyn and AL. Linda and Chris. Drove from Houston to Dallas and visited friends there.
On to Colorado, where I met some friends from WV, AZ and California. We had all worked together in Colorado in the late fifties. We spent a little over a week touring Colorado and I then spent a couple weeks at The Air Force Academy and from there to Denver where I met Linda Q.
Then through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to Livingston. near Houston. Met Pru again and we toured the local area.
In July I headed back to WV. Met Kathy Arlene in Lafayette, LA. Tried to hook up with some other tbd people on the way from LA to WV but couldn't work it out. Spent the Summer on my pad in the middle of the hay field on the farm in WV.
In Sept. I traveled to Pittsburg and met a group of TBDers and had a great time.
From WV back to Va. and then back South. To Atlanta where I met up with another guy that I had grown up with.

From there back to Livingston where i spent what was left of Oct and all of November. Got together with Pru a few times while there. The last couple Blogs cover the first part of my trip back to Fl. The last one was about my time in LA and once again visiting with Kathy Arlene.

While at Summerdale AL. I visited a friend in the Hospital in Pensacola, FL. On Mon. the 7th I stay at an RV park near Tallahassee, FL. It was a park that had seen better days, but all I needed was a place to park the RV for the nite and get some sleep. On the 8th I drove to the Sumter Oaks RV Park near Bushnell, FL. It is part of the Escapees RV club system and is very nice. I was going to spend a couple days there but the weather reports said a cold front with high winds and rain was moving East into FL. I decided to make the run to Patrick and try to beat the front. We were successful and made it to Patrick about 2:pm. The sun was out and the Temp was 85. This area of Florida has been experiencing heavy rain this fall and there is a lot of standing water. It is quite muddy in the park and of course with the dog , that is a problem. I'm going to shut down for now. I'll include some pictures and post more tomeorrow.

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Comment by Kittycat on December 11, 2009 at 12:12pm
Another great travelog...(hmmmm...Is that a word?...)
Comment by CWO3ROBBIE on December 11, 2009 at 6:47am
Pru, I have the top painted like a bunch of mud holes. Google can't find me in this swamp. (:>)



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