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Lifes Adventure

We all get stuck in a rut from time to time,the same thing day in and day out,why?

Try something new, maybe something that you have always wanted to try, but never got around to do it. Heck one of the first things I plan on doing when I no longer have to drive is learn how to fly. Thats not all I want to take cooking classes dancing, singing ( I can not carry a tune but what the heck) I want to do some more traveling to places I've seen but have not got a chance to… Continue

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My job takes me from one coast to the other and because of this I see all kinds of things. What hurts me though is the ever growing homlessness. It used to be one or two here and there but now it is groups huddled together under bridges. One such group of six or more where sitting in a circle and singing as a friend was playing the guitar. In another place I saw a small tent city and one person used scrap wood and metal to make a fence around his/her tent with a potted plant.

So today as… Continue

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Listen, didyou hear the song that the day has brought? It is in the sounds of the city* people walking the shoes clicking* the hum of the streetlights* It is the sound of the country* the birds singing* the cattle waiting to be milked*the hum of the tracor starting.Listen to the sounds around you they are the songs that we hear everyday.

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What is Beauty? There are so many young girls that are so confused by magazines as to what beauty is or is not.

Beauty starts with a kind heart. It is a giggle shared between friends*it is a secret kept about a suprise party* it is a secret broken when abuse is happening* it is a sparkle in your eyes when the person you love walks into the room* it is opening a door or letting someone get in front of you in the store.Beauty is knowing that it is triangles squares and circles and every… Continue

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Life is so full of changes! Some of us balk at them and others look at them as and adventure!
I love the twists and turns life makes it would get very boring to see the same rose everyday and not see any other flowers,tulips dasiy,blackeyed susans.
Grab the changes life through at you and enjoy them!

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