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What is Beauty? There are so many young girls that are so confused by magazines as to what beauty is or is not.
Beauty starts with a kind heart. It is a giggle shared between friends*it is a secret kept about a suprise party* it is a secret broken when abuse is happening* it is a sparkle in your eyes when the person you love walks into the room* it is opening a door or letting someone get in front of you in the store.Beauty is knowing that it is triangles squares and circles and every other shape and color is what makes you beautiful.

The body changes over time gray hair appears or disapears* the wrinkles get deeper*the body starts to sag*legs and arms give out. the mind gets a little slower,but a kind heart grows and glows.Beauty starts from the inside and glows on the out!

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Comment by FluffySnoww on July 12, 2009 at 11:22am
I agree with you. All too often, though, a lot of people judge beauty by the superficial outer shell of a person. Magazines, and most forms of media, create such stereotypical images of beauty that girls obsess that they don't "look" like people in magazines or in movies or television. And boys don't always see the inside beauty of a girl.

I don't want to sound as if all people think this way; of course not everyone thinks this way. But one cannot argue that the media highly influences our perceptions of beauty. To me, EVERYONE is beautiful because everyone has a "certain something", just like all of the examples that cynthia Hunter cited.

Beauty from the inside out will last forever. :)



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