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I often wonder how people of all beliefs, use their spiritual search in this life, on this plain, to actually live this life?
Does your spiritual sense of self aide you in your living, How?
How does what you believe in heart effect how you behave or conduct your life ?
Do you use your faith or belief daily? Weekly? When horrific situations arise?

Let's discuss this a little please?

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Yes, I am much the same way, and feel the same pretty much as you Maggie, Thank you for responding.
this is great Maggie!!
I read something once from "Barry Long" website or book that "the only spiritual path we have is our own life". And he mentioned about "being true to the situation" , which did not mean being true to your "self" with a small s. I agree with Maggie's perspective as well. Eckhart Tolle i hear just recently mentioned that he use to study under Barry Long.
I am not familiar with Barry Long, but I am a reader so I will look him up and see if he speaks to me also! Thank you.
Spirituality lays upon your shoulders like the warmth of the morning sun. It is with you in every step you take, In every thought you think, in every decision you make and every word you speak. At night spirituality is the blanket that warms you while you sleep. If you are truly walking a spiritual path then spirituality is your companion and you are inseparable.
Well RV, I do not think I could add much more to this answer. I am glad to hear your voice on post. As always it is wise and rings a chime with me. Thank You
In your questions you mention spiritual beliefs, spiritual search, spiritual sense, and faith. What I seek is the truth, and my spiritual beliefs (my beliefs about who I am, from where I come, and how I am to live my life) inform every aspect of my seeking in every moment of my life, even when I am experiencing fear, anger, frustration, shame, and grief. In other words, my spirituality ultimately defines my existence and always informs my thoughts and behaviors, consciously and unconsciously. I suppose I am more aware of the spiritual nature of my being when I am in an introspective, contemplative, or meditative state, yet I believe that even when I am not aware, my spirituality is the source of all that I am.
Dear Donald, Your response seems to read to me as a sonet, so deeply heartfelt, I respect your life and I share it's intensity and truth...Thank you, Tina
I ask for guidance constantly. I also "react" constantly. I should ask more, listen more and react less.
Words of wisdom as usual John, I enjoy your input and your truth...Tina
Tina this is a really good topic... I want to respond yet am very tired right now but the short answer for me is actually I use my spiritual journey to guide me every moment... It no so much dictates my behavior as it sets a tone to it.. I have this faith that the spirit is always with me and shelters me in storms and opens me p to bask in the sunlight of my life...

I struggle to interpret the faith I have in a way that can be shared without a sense of trying to convert anyone... You see I also believe that our journey, although enhanced by community, is a solitary one and Creator meets each of us in the place we can best understand the Creation...

I also feel that faith without some sense of discipleship, learning, growing, etc., is not really faith but imagination.. again this is just me...

thank yo for the topic...

Dear Kasey, May I ask from my own interest what it is that you would "convert anyone to?"

I do thank you for reply Kasey, I personally believe that my faith is a gift in life from the Great Spirit, (God). My faith is my working and growing source of those things which I cannot see, those things that inspire who I am from the inside out. My faith is that from which I draw my strengths and the voice that draws me forward in this life.

Great Spirit and the spirit of His son, Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Spirit are my Teachers, their life teaches me, they promote my growth. I believe that human minds and beings take discipleship to life, in many forms. I myself have submitted to many teachers through my life and am thankful for each one. I continue to grow each day that I am granted life...

I once belonged to a group that believed an actual practice of "discipleship" I would enjoy the journey of further understanding of what you mean by this term...If you should like? Blessings, Tina




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