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Would you participate in a flash mob pillow fight??

If it was perfectly harmless and all , why not??

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Sure....if it were perfectly harmless. Flash mobs of late have not been playing nice. Everyone of those I've seen on the news looting and destroying property should be in jail right now. One must be wary of mob mentality.

Did you read what the mayor of Philidelphia had to say about the violence created by flash mobs there?? I was impressed with how he handled that.

I didn't see that....just saw some of the video yesterday, I think it was.


He does not mince words! I thougt his speech was wonderful!


There have been no flash mobs since the curfew.

He enacted a curfew and the first night they arrested 50 people, the second night they arrested 12.

My favorite was the brother of a girl who had been arrested..."She's a good student, why are they picking on her, they should leave her alone?"

The 15 year old girl was arrested at 3am...

I think he should be president, I wish that he'd run for office!

He has been a really great Mayor, I'd love to see him as Governor next. I'm selfish that way...fix my state first  then go on to bigger and better things...

He's young, he has lots of time :-D

This is one that you and I disagree on. I have no knowledge of Mayor Nutter. Never heard of him. But i do not believe in curfews. Why should someone be arrested for being out in the open. If you are destroying property or engaging in behavior that is violent to others, you should be arrested. You should be allowed to stand on the street all night long if you so wish, and are commiting no crime. I don't care how old you are. Talk about blood boiling, curfews piss me off enough to cause me to violate them just to incite violent action. I'm so worked up over this I think I'll park my RV in front of Mayor Nutter's driveway at 3:00am in the morning. Arrest me and then you poor pitiful tax payers will have to support me for the length of my sentence. Did anyone ever think of the fact that curfews manufacture criminal behavior? I get an urge to have a cup of coffee at the local diner. It's past the curfew for people under 75 years of age. I get arrested for breaking curfew. I'm now a criminal. I call my 90 year old father to come down and bail me out. When he arrives they arrest him for being negligent by letting me go out on the street when the curfew is in effect. He calls his 25 year old wife to come down and bail us both out. She has been sitting home drinking beer and watching TV. When she shows up at the jail, they arrest her for DUI. We now have three new criminals in my town. This justifies the mayor hiring 5 more cops. Everybodys taxes go up. People riot and destroy the down town.  All because I wasn't allowed to go out to have a cup of coffee.  


Well since I know that you aren't a person out there trying to destroy tourism and ruin other people's lives I'd be happy to bake you a cake with a file in it or smuggle any comforts from home to you that I possibly could.
I mostly agree with you Robbie. I think the one exception would be in cases like the recent unrest in the UK. Getting everybody off the streets for a while might the the only way to settle things down.

Robbie? Maybe you should have googled Mayor Nutter before your rant ;-)

There was violence...mobs of teens were committing random acts of violence. Most of it aimed at attacking innocent people, some of whom ended up in the hospital...I have no problem with instituting a curfew for teens in that case...

grr , the cable guy is next door and I've spent way too long trying to post this comment .


Anyway, I think in the long run the money that could be put towards education instead of incarceration is better for the community as a whole. I don't know what Mayor Nutter's budget looks like or what choices he had to make. I do know that with the latest and aparently dangerous designer drug out on the streets I'd feel better with my teens protected in some way from permanent damage the drug might cause.

It was late last night. Most of that post was tongue in cheek. However, I am opposed to curfews in principal. They had a 10pm curfew in the town near where I lived during my high school years. I do remember running across the bridge to get out of the town limits a number of times.

We had been engaging in such criminal activity as hanging around in front of the soda fountain after the movie.

I see curfews in the same light as laws against drugs. Both have a tendency to increase criminal behavior by establishing new areas designated as criminal behavior. This often leads to unintended consequences.

I guess this could be put in the same context as pre-emptive war.





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