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What? You said it was hot there...

Yeah, well.....that thing won't keep the sun off your face.

Reply by Quinn 9 hours ago
What? You said it was hot there...

This is a HAT!
Thank you, Ma'am.
caleb has one of those. He can go to Texas?

I'll stick with the Kid Rock hat, I'm thinkin'.


Everybody wears a hat in Texas.

Sorry I have tried for 2 nights to post a photo but my high tech 50 dollar a month mobile 4G network will not stay up long enough to post a photo here.

Hang on to that "yearning" for Alaska, Kooner.  Better yet, actually do something about it and plan a summer trip up there...Wrangell-St. Elias, Denali, Admiralty Bay, the Arctic Circle, Arctic National Wildlife Reserve...

Despite a lot of the hyping going on here about Texas, and, nothing personal intended (which probably won't mean anything at all to Texans with the expected attitude...LOL) Texas is like an ugly cat's litterbox compared to Alaska.  It almost insults the magnificence of Alaska to "try" to compare Texas to her bounty.  But, everybody's got one of what I'm expressing here...my opinion.

It would never be a regret getting up that way...and probably one of your most cherished realities.

visited 46 states (92%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

I'm pretty sure in my travels I "wandered through" the several states I am missing here...but it was simply as a way of getting from here to there, no memorable stops of climbs, etc.

I did a bit overseas too, mostly the French and Italian Alps...ran around for a couple months and had the passport stamped from Scotland to North Africa...climbed some mountains, took a couple photos...met some remarkable people.

Just the memories are more than worth it...I love sharing them with my children. (And, of course, many of the photos wind up in my groups, discussions, and in my Friends' comment section!)




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