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I pretty much stick to the Games. Q&A, and the Forum. Not so much into the groups, but I think I might be in the minority here, cause I see people I know online, but they aren't posting where I am. Do I need to get more involved in the groups? I have joined a few, but most of them seem to be pretty much deserted. Is this just me? Or am not looking for the right groups?

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Reply by Apposite 7 hours ago
I really don't hang out anywhere any more. Anybody know a place where there is a lot contention and angst?

I think with the exception of one or two people, we all respect and admire one another, that doesn't leave much room for drama ;-)
Right you are, Miss Q.
Well maybe I should have left the "angst" part out!:) By the way I admire and respect most people who I share contentions with. I don't take such stuff personally. My friendships have various levels; the strongest are forged through disagreement, sometimes heated.
That's a really good point that there's supposed to be diverse ways of looking at life among any group of individuals. And some of the more thought provoking venues have helped me figure out where I stand on different issues instead of getting issued different stands. And it isn't even that I think everyone should let me decide for them what's right. I'm too lazy for that, they should figure it out on their own, it's thier responsibility to be informed and have a point of view. Hopefully they can be somewhat articulate without a lot of mind numbing BS.
I like that about you Aposite & I very much miss you around here, but I dont blame you for not coming around as much esp. after some beatings I watched you take at a certain persons group who seems to get off  on ridiculing certain people. I had some knock downdgrag out fights on the firtst TBD, but it seems as the more we talked to one another about them the closer we begin to realize how much we caaaan really stRT TO UNDERSTAAND MORE ABOUTN EACH OTHER.........bIG hugS aPOSITE.....ERXcuse my typos....Maay bw something physicaal I should have checked in to.......aanyway....I hope to see you back
That's the best thing about TBD, Ya get to see different points of view, doesnt' really matter if you agree or not. But I will say, I avoid threads where the different ideas get to the point of... slander?....abuse?...name calling? You get the idea. I'm just not a contentious person. I'd rather walk away than duke it out. (except on rare occasions)
How nice of you Caseyjo:) It was that livlieness that drew me. That didn't mean it had to be a sauna all the time but it was  fun to have the curmudgeons in the mix to call bullshit when they saw it (or at least as they saw it) Yeah, I've always liked little vinegar in my greens - (borrowed from Rock Hudson's line in "The Kings")
What bothered me about the individual you cite Caseyjo was how the victim role was taken on under the guise of inability to see an alternative way of thinking. That person refused to let people have points of view that were contrary. I just finally called it a washout especially after I was kicked out. That group was anything but what the group title led us to believe.
"Be who you are and say what you feel: because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Suess
I mostly just hang out in Q&A and the Forum.
Thanks for the input guys. It seems like most of the action is in Q&A and the Forum. Games seems to be dying. I'll have to check out Moosie's, and Stir's patio. Sorry Robbie, my blood prefers to be shaken, not stirred, so I'll stay away from WTP.

I hang out here and the forum myself.

I used to play some of the word games on TBDv1, but I was getting bored with them just before it shut down. I like to see what ya'll are up to and what's on your mind.

I won't judge ya'll if you don't judge me.




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