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We have had a thread about things that we no longer can or will do. Now I think it's time to talk about what we still can/will do

Let's see.

I can still eat an ice cream cone without getting it all over my shirt.  If I have enough napkins that is.

I can drive a motor home towing a car.  I can ride a bicycle. I can drive a go cart.  I can water ski. I can still hit 20 or more clay pigeons in a round of skeet.  I can drink a six pack of beer without peeing myself. I can tell stories that make people laugh. I can play golf. I can appreciate Stir's blog.

Happy says I can still walk the dog.


What can you still do?

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It was a bouncing kiss. (:>)

But some of the kids could actually do it.

I can still beat lots of the contestants on Jeopardy.

I can still walk long distances or maybe I should I can again walk long distances.

I think I could still love someone, given the chance

I can still keep my large yard neat and trimmed with out help.

I still drive too fast, just like when I was young.

I can still type using all of my fingers.

  • I can still be innocent and naive at time.
  • I can still trust people... although is has become more difficult.
  • I can still find the urge to learn about the world's whereabouts... I have to have my daily international news fix.
  • I can still feel as young, mentally and physically, as I was 20 years ago.
  • I can obviously still be in denial of reality ;)
I can still bounce around the internet and try and have lighthearted fun. Life is too serious, to take ANY OF THIS SERIOUSLY! JMHO! 
I can still out-drink and find (and promote) weirder music that most kids my daughter's age.

I can do the palm trick--you gotta be limber guys

I drive way too fast, and never know where I am really going.

I want to go back home, but I have to realize I am all grown up now.....

I work for the hell of it. I really torment the other workers. It makes it interesting!!!!!

Happy Easter to one and all!!!


I can ride my bike walk my dog and work in my garden.

I can do lots...still.

I will do lots...yet,

until I can't anymore.

Then I will do what I have to do...

..I will    (paraphrasing)  "slip  the surly bonds of Earth ...and touch  the face of God."

Jaylee, I love that expression!
I ca still rock n roll
I can still wear a flower in my hair
I can still ride my bike
I can still listen
I can still imagine


I'm still on the right side of the grass, and I can still sit up and take nourishment.




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