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Soupman, Inc.  is up today!!

How are your stocks doing?

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I own a teeny-tiny little bit of stock just for fun.  I usually break even at the end of the year and could make more if I put it into a money market savings account, but watching it is like watching a good sporting event.  You get to cheer the upswings and curse the losses.

I've diversified my holdings.   Some of it is in a coffee can buried under a hemlock tree in the side yard, while the rest of it is in an empty Mayo jar buried beneath a poplar tree out back.

I'm doing much better having it invested this way, as compared to when I had an official money manager looking out for my best interests.

I made an excellent batch of chicken stock a month ago, and have used some of it to make Egg Drop Soup a couple of times. Thanks for asking.

Soupman won't continue to rise if you keep making your own!!  No more soup for you!!

Slim are you the soup nazi?


My stock is doing good at farm right now.

I sold 4 bulls yesterday.

After 101 years my bank stock is doing well.

I have a real nice leather portfolio. Am I suppose to put something in it??

Don't put chicken stock in it. Snagg's portfolio must be vinyl.

I actually do own a bit of stock and it has been doing well lately. If the Republicans get back in charge I will very quickly sell it all and use Stirs method.

Stir no longer owns any stock.  He shouldn't have posted the location of the coffee can.




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