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You know that saying, "I have champagne taste on a beer budget?"

There are things I've seen or tried that have ruined me for going back to the 'norm.'

Like looking at granite countertops & then trying to settle on laminate.

Or, my ex, trying Parmigiano Reggiano... 

& then being unable to go back to regular ole' parmesan.

How about you? What have you seen or tried above your means that you wished you hadn't?

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Well, back in the day, when I was way cooler than my checking account balance would indicate, I bought a couple of six packs of Michelob when I should have been buying regular ol' Bud.

I was thinking that chicks would dig a guy who drove to a party in a '62 Valiant with a sixer of Mics on the passenger seat.

Uh, I've re-thought strategy that over the years.
Houses! I remember, years ago, looking out houses out of our price range 'just to get ideas' when we were house hunting. It ruined going back & looking at houses in our price range. ;-p

what I would like...

what I might be able to afford...


(PM me w/the juicy details, DD '-)
I think I have beer tastes on a champagne budget. I drive a 2001 Nissan truck all of the time with a BMW in the garage. My clothes come from Target or LL Bean or even good will but there are Brooks Bothers shirts and suits in my closet. We eat at home or local mom and pop reataurants. I just don't want that stuff. What I have I bought to please my family.
PA, that's the way to live! Within your means & enjoying what you have!
(I beat you on the vehicles... my car is an '88 & my truck is a '95 '-)
Mine was Wah Maker authentic western wear out of Yuma Arizona, available in larger western wear stores around here. Shirts from $40 to $75......but they fit ....100% cotton...comfortable...designs from the 1860's to 1880's. Still have a couple shirts and a black frock coat. Difficult going back to foreign made ill fitting stuff from Wal Mart.
Here ya go, Bob...


I know what you mean. Once you've worn finely made, fine fitting clothes,made from quality fabric- regular clothing is a disappointment.
Yep...gotta shirt just like that...
Yup....looks mighty fine....;-)
$70/bottle balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. oh, my gosh. I never understood the fuss about balsamic vinegar until I tasted that. My mouth is watering right now, just thinking about it. I have about an inch left in a bottle I got as a gift a couple years ago.

Mozzarella Insalada, made w/basil & tomatoes out of your own backyard, fresh mozzarella, drizzled w/balsamic vinegar from Modena.... oh, my gosh.
I find that I waste almost nothing when I spend a little more on what I really like or want as far as food goes. So I wear the $6 foam shoes that I got from the county fair. Bet your feet hurt alot more than mine do. I could walk around the globe and back in those shoes.
I think you're right about not wasting things when we spend a little more on it & really appreciate it.

And yay for you for finding $6 shoes that are great for you! Actually, I feel my $18 Skecher 'crocs' are like that, that I got at a discount shoe store. But I don't wear them outside my house or yard. They're great for doing housework & yard work, though. '-)




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