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We are getting complaints about foul language and personal attacks.  I removed a member a few days ago minutes after he posted, but this time I left his post up as proof; deleted posts have a bad habit of being denied by instigators.  

Please review TBD's rules and our groups rules again.

Thank you, 


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Did someone say the "R" Word...?

I think that is truly foul language. Nobody can say anything worse than that.

i assume the complaints were from the person you booted...he has had a history of calling other members and groups names yet crying about being offended...

At least I know that I have always been a perfect gentleman in these groups.

But, but I haven't even ben here recently..


And we have missed you Dodger!!!

Thank you Sweetie!

Where you been girl? :0)

LLL. My beloved brother leon died last month. My sister and I wer with him Leon was only 61. It has ben a very ruff time.

We're sorry for your loss DD.  Beth's Dad has been camping out with us the last ~10 years, the lung cancer finally got him a couple months ago; we know how you feel.

thank you lll. I am sory for your loss as wel.




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