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At some stage, most people come to realize the amazing

and very often profound effect that animals can have

on our mood and emotions and there are some pretty

incredible but also true stories of how medical scientists

are discovering some animals that can actually detect

the beginnings of disease in humans in the very early

stages of onset.

Our animals can also be trained to help and support

many of us that have disabilities, especially for those

who have lost their sight.

Animals can `feel emotion' just like we humans can,

besides loving, nurturing and caring for their own young.

So let us enjoy our animals and pets by sharing our photos,

pictures and graphics of them all,

the long, the short and the tall.

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I'll start with some amusing little kittens -

Very cute and playful cats,

but hey flipper,  they say that curiosity killed the cat,

but information bought him back, so -

I'm wondering what the hec was originally in that box, lol!

that's a good question.

Two years ago Emily and orangutan Rishi became best friends,
the orangutan had learned the tea ceremony,
however the little the girl suffered an illness for a time.
Now, two years later, they met, and despite the long separation
quickly found each other fast friends again.

And so to me it seems; 

that very young humans and animals
appear to have the ability of acceptance and non-judgement
towards each other ie;
young children with other children of any nationality or color,
young children with young animals,
young animals with other different animals not of their kind,
and, young animals with young children.
So, the question is left begging to be asked -
is it the older folk and/or animals that have
a negative influence that they pass down to their young?

There is a reason why these two became pals,

but I can't seem to find it for now -

i come home to this everyday

aahh, flipper, your little pal is extremely similar to my Robbie that had to

be put down 2 years ago now - I still grieve for him,

so give him/her a big hug for me, Poodles are the best!

Do you think a quarter horse is a ride in front of the Wal-Mart store?

Truly adorable, is it a `he' or a `she'...

that's Peter,the day i brought him home 1/2 toy poodle..1/2 bichon.




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