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My sister received this email from a very conservative friend of hers and she said she started to respond after trying to validate what it says but she could not find anything.  I am getting my ass kicked with my arthritis and the biopsy I just had last week so I told her I would defer to my much wiser and better informed friends...that would be you.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.  I basically told her that I didn't really think it mattered one way or the other but I would ask.  The email follows:

 Subject: Common Thread
Why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men, who steal guns,
then go and kill movie-goers and children in school,
has ever been identified as a conservative Republican and NRA member?
Ft Hood~~~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim
Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals
Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ Registered Democrat
Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama
campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant;
progressive liberal
Connecticut School Shooter- ~~~ Registered Democrat; hated Christians,
Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats."
INTERESTING, isn't it?

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and they were all lefthanded....and had piles....(sarcasm font)

that is one of those forwarded emails that deal in whimsy and bullshit....first of all, i doubt anyone has figured out who is a registered democrat or republican...and if you notice, it gives no particulars except the 'accusation'...i doubt that these folks could even tell you the NAMES of the shooters...much less the political affiliation....

This email is the work of right wing radio host Roger Hehgecock. There is no evidence what so ever that any of the statement is true.

You don't have to look far to realize , outside a few, the majority took place in "gun free" zones.  It's also notable most occurred in traditionally Conservative States, versus traditionally Liberal States. 

I also find it interesting that the killing at Ft. Hood would not have been prevented by any form of gun ban, including the removal of 2nd Amendment...  it was military personnel, on a military base and fueled (by his own accounts) by his (conservative) religious beliefs. 

Thank you, I will pass this along to my sister.  

an example of the kind of 'thinking' that promulgates the emails like that...here is a letter to the editor ...please find more than just one fact in the entire missive...

Posted: Saturday, February 2, 2013 10:24 pm

To the editor:

It’s a miracle. Not one but two voices of reason in letters to the editor Tuesday. This, in a world that has gone insane, with every politician from the lowliest office at county and city level on up to and including that nest of snakes in D.C.

We, the people, who pay taxes, have no voice at all anymore. This president, his administration, Congress and every federal, state, county and city government official have sold us down the river. Some are truthful, but they are so few that I’m just going to trash the whole lot of them (they know who they are).

We, the taxpayers, who pay these crooks their huge salaries, are getting the shaft on a daily basis. I read The Courier and the Houston Chronicle and know that we have people on the payroll drawing huge salaries right here.

It truly is, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Did you know that Pelosi will leave office with an annual salary paid by we taxpayers in the estimated sum of $800,000? Did you know that every politician in office in D.C. will go home with an entire annual salary intact and paid for by the taxpayers? Did you know that Congress and this administration have conveniently removed themselves from Obamacare? They won’t be asked to pay into it — the very sorry mess called Obamacare is not good enough for them?

I also note that all these politicians wanting guns outlawed will continue to have armed security paid for by taxpayers. We on small pensions and Social Security will be taxed to the hilt as everything we have to have to survive increases in cost daily while they have money to spend for stuff we taxpayers can’t even imagine.

This mess has been gathering since before Lyndon Baines Johnson, and I don’t give any party a pass; however, this present administration now has our demise going at warp speed. He has vowed to bring us to our knees as a country and I don’t have to remind you that it’s happening right now.

What’s such a terrible injustice is, that if Jim Howard and B.K. Morgan were so inclined to run for office and had gazillions of dollars to grease palms and pay for high-priced ads, they wouldn’t stand a chance of getting elected. Why? Because this administration and its partners in crime have given away and promised so much to those people who do not and probably never have paid anything but sales tax, and there are millions of them (those on welfare of every stripe and description and those who’ve been allowed to come here without even knowing how to speak English) will go blindly into the voting booth and pull the lever for the Dems, Liberals, Socialists and whomever will promise they’ll never have to work for the largesse provided by we shrinking numbers of taxpayers. That is, until even we won’t exist anymore.

So, if someone comes running down the street shouting, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling,” I and other taxpayers won’t even have a bunker to hide in — they will have been confiscated by this president, his administration, Congress and those who’ve gone before this bunch.


I especially like this line:

He has vowed to bring us to our knees as a country and I don’t have to remind you that it’s happening right now.

I THOUGHT that is where they wanted to be, on their knees and making sure everyone else is as well.  What a royal crock of shit from a bitter, misinformed dick.  Please excuse  my language.  I am miserable.

it's perfectly understandable. in an ideal world, people of opposing viewpoints can talk things over using facts and arrive at a mutually agreeable compromise. the last few years that begins to seem impossible as some folks consider anything other than their way a victory for some commie pinko plot. just how do you have a rational discussion with people like that?

What was Timothy McVae??? A right wing nut case...and a terrorist who killed women and children. I could care less what political affiliation these nut cases and mass murderers have. Dead people are dead people. Many of those who were shot by these mass murderers could have been Demo, Repub, Independent, Greeen Party, Socialist ,etc. The end results is, they were shot by someone who had an assault weapon. To try and point fingers and say....."oh, it must be a left wing plot because these folks may have been Democrats"....tells me that those who say this don't give a rats ass about human life. Everything is political to them. And any rhetoric that points fingers at the Democrats and Liberals....even if that information is false....they will believe it. And there's no changing their minds. I have many Conservative friends who have been Republicans for years....even before Ronald Reagan, and they think the far right wing of the Republicans party are nuts....and dragging their party down.  As a Liberal, I've voted Republican a couple of times in local elections because I was looking at the candidates and what they had to offer. The dingbats who watch FOX news and FOX news only, or listen to only Rush Limbaugh are never going to change. They go through life with 'blinders' on. And I'm sure that many people in the past who went 'postal' all had different political views.  Instead of looking for ways to stop this kind of violence, that email seems like it's only intent is to keep playing the blame game, without coming up with any solutions................................Just my opinion.

Of course this will happen, the linking of cause(s) and effect, it is what people do to make sense out of non-sense.

What we have here are acts of the irrational, not politicians, oooh, wait, that isn't that far off.  

No, what we have here are those that have a motive and get a method to deal with what they are feeling, thinking and being, not in their right minds, regardless of how they vote, or don't. 

And yes, some of these are terrorists who believe they're righteous and justified in what they are doing because of grievances and to make a point of what they believe is hopeless and yet, require action to deal with the wrongs and demons they feel they possess.

We have angry people, irrational people and they want and will express it, the question is how and how many will be hurt and killed, and yes, it is political as many of them might see it, them against the world.

The bottom line that no one seems to address is that there are evil people in this world. They are Democrat, Republican, Independant, church going Christains, Atheist, and Muslims. There is something wrong with them and they kill people. All of this talk of banning assault weapons or having better backround checks doesn't make a bit of difference. Do you think that if they ban assault rifles that these nuts won't get assault rifles with mags that hold 30 or 40 or 50 bullets. They don't care what laws you pass.

We get very upset, and should get upset, when 20 something children are killed, but not when gang violence killed over 400 just last moth in Chicago. This is just a knee jerk reaction to a very bad situation. I agree that we should do something, but it will only affect law abiding citzens and not the gang bangers or evil people. Just my opinion.

Some people use to say the same thing about every increasing regulations against drunk driving.  

So how do they explain drunk driving homicides are down 50% from what they were?

The moral of the story is that, you have to start somewhere.  Depriving law biding citizens of the most dangerous weapons also means the bad guys can't steal your most dangerous weapon, which is where they get them. 


Charles Wittman was the first know mass shooter from the school tower in Texas...Since then we've had the McDonald's shooting, Combine and it will never end as long as someone mentally deranged can get his hands on a gun(s)....

Regardless of their age...!




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