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This article here certainly seems contradict Rubio, even making fun of him.

But Rubio is right.  Good grief, it's a historical fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-chartered mortgage giants, bought risky mortgages in order to meet affordable housing goals at the direction and order of George W Bushs: "We want everybody in America to own their own home."

It's Bush's fault.

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Problem here is not ready for prime time.  And yes, the curse of the rebuttal slot after the SoUs(state of the union speech) in that what was given a few minutes ago is taken back, the classic giver/taker debate.  And then of course this time the rebuttal of the rebuttal speech.  

Seemingly the nattering nabobs focused on the water, Poland Springs, I believe, and yes, a possible ethnic placement for the 2016 Polish vote, for Mark Rubio.  And yes, Rubio was Jindaled, just not looking presidential at a presidential moment.  As to Rand Paul, well, dad would be proud.

What we have here is the leaning forward agenda, the list of progressive liberal proposed legislation that doesn't have much of a chance in the 113th and probably not 114th sessions.  And yes, the president wants to be marked from this spot for the rest of the remaining four years of his lame duck presidency.  This will be the democratic platform of 2014 and if they win, the list of to dos.  

So, as to the gun debate, the juxtaposition of the Waco end for Dorner and the closing of the president's speech on the events such as Newtown, continue the question of if and if what America is going to do about violence and the means of violence.


Can’t even comment on the speech or rebuttal last night.  Didn’t see it.  It conflicted with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which I did see.  I like dogs better than politicians. 

that line of bullshit has been the republican mantra for the last 4 years....'it wasn't business's fault...the government made them do it'....things like outlawing redlining and demanding that banks offer loans to QUALIFIED borrowers regardless of race etc does not translate to outright criminal fiduciary conduct by banks, mortgage companies and wall street. course anyone who heard boehner's comments about the president knew what the republican response was going to be...after all essentially the speaker said obama doesn't have the balls to do the heavy lifting to get anything done...so he must think congress needs a minder to make them do what they were hired to do...and boehner whined about not being able to depend on a deal...this from a guy whose own party keeps making him pick up the soap...but you could tell the republicans paid attention...now mcconnell says the president should cut bargains with them...an aboutface from his previous pronouncements of no how no way..and piffle on rand paul...he talks as tho he was not part of it...in point of fact his dad was there for years and years...and rand was raised to be an idiot

and here's a nice snap of the republicans listening...

The Repugs. don't look that good Problem these people look more responsible and fun.

it's the seltzer down the pants, ain't it? i just knew it...

Basically, the finance industries' view of the mortgage meltdown is identical to a drug dealer claiming that he's innocent, and that it's all the buyer's fault - Which, of course, neatly ignores the question of asking the dealer why he was offering the "product" in the first place.

I have just given up on trying to understand what republicans stand for.
Back in the 1800's there was the Whig party. A political party should stand for something and what they stood for was they hated Andrew Jackson. Not long after Jackson left office the Whig party fell apart. We can only hope that when Obama leaves office the republicans will also disappear because that is all they stand for now.

Don't tease me ...

Just wishful thinking

Question:  Just where would we be without the Republicans...?

you need something to frighten your children with...example..."if you don't get to bed this instant, the republicans will come and take over education and medical care"

Let's see, Eisenhower was ok, then don't forget Tricky Dicky some folks were fooled by that Reagan guy of course the Bushes, the last one is noted for being the worst president in history.




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