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So I have a question to ask the Liberlas in the group and the members who support the president no matter what. Does it bother you that almost a year later we have very few answers about the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi? Does it bother you that certain groups were targeted by the IRS and years after applying for certain designations, they have no answer? Does it bother you that the DOJ targeted the AP and specifically targeting a Fox News reporter? Does it matter that the AG has been caught in lies after being sworn in, and he's the top attorney in the country? For example the report that just came out about how the AG lied in order to wire tap and investigate Rosen and his family?

It seems that either most Obama supporters just don't care, or for some other reason are giving him a pass on these issues or is it just me that wonders why no one cares?

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First of all the correct spelling is liberals. If that spelling was meant to be a put down, it only shows your true colors. I will also not answer loaded questions. Your question is of a "when did you stop beating your wife"? Type?

Sorry for the wrong spelling. It is not my intent to put down anyone. I just wonder, with all the phony scandals, if liberals are upset by this. Simple question that is not loaded at all. Why would you think that it was loaded? 

Okay I will answer even though I am not a liberal but a raging moderate. No I am not upset by the phony scandals you mention because as you said they are phony.
It is sad that people like me are now considered to be liberals when our positions have not changed for decades. The "republican" party has moved so far to the right that moderates are now considered ultra liberal.

Second of all, all of those manufactured scandals were debunked a long time ago.

Why do tea baggers hate women, gays, Hispanics, Muslims, and this country?


Which were debunked and how? Did 4 Americans die in Benghazi? Were we told it was because of a spontaneous reaction to a video? Did Holder use false alegations against James Rosen? Were tea party organizations targeted by the IRS? Please show some facts to show us that these were all debunked.

It's not a matter of not caring...it's a matter of....been there before. I lived through the Reagan administration and the Iran-Contra scandals.....drugs for guns. That whole fiasco was never totally answered. Before the internet....wiring tapping was happening to many folks in the 60s and 70s. Many groups...especially civil rights and womens groups were being targeted as 'enemies of the state'. J. Edgar Hoover was spying on any group he thought was a danger to the government or what he considered "commies".  I'm a Vietnam Vet and every time I visit the Vietnam Memorial, I look at all those 50,000 names and continue to ask myself.....why. The government lied during the Vietnam War, so it comes as no surprise to me that no matter who is president....there's always going to be some thing hidden from the public. I've lived through too many administrations....Demo and Repub....to now understand...that's the way of the government. What amazes me is that many of those on the right seem to have amnesia. Benghazi is just one in many many situations where Americans have been killed.....unfortunately. And it won't be the last. As long as there is an American presence in certain countries that the population is unfriendly to Americans, there will be lives lost. It's been that way throughout history. Today....with the internet and the speed of communications, information is now easier to access and faster to make public. What bothers me more than anything is to see people still strung out on drugs, nothing being done about the drug problem.....nothing. Everyone pointing fingers at each other trying to say what race or ethinc group creates the most crime.....rather than admitting that the U.S. as a whole has a tremendous crime problem. For a country to be the most advanced, richest, most educated....we have more prisons than any country in the world. The prison system is now big business.....and profitable. And it also bothered me that there was never any WMDs ever found in Iraq.....more wasted American lives. I'm not giving Obama any pass. I think there's a LOT more he should do...especially with the economy and unemployment. Also....the gap between the rich and middle class seems to be widening. Between 1979 and 2007 the incomes of the top richest 1 percent rose 281 percent, while the middle class rose about 20 - 25%.  I wish Obama would do something about that. The economy hasn't gotten better fast enouogh....and unemployment hasn't been lowered fast enough. There's a lot I can criticize Obama for....but I also understand he walked into a bees nest. He got stung from all sides with what was left for him to fix....lol. I liked ole George....but his legacy is going to be similar to Jimmy Carters legacy. Ole George will forever have Iraq hanging over his head....and farmer Jimmy has the hostage situation hanging over his head................I think I've rambled enough.....lol.

Thanks for the non-partisan thread. Unfortunately it reads like Fox non-sense. The answer to most questions is "What?" 

It sounds like the questioner has bought into the crap issued by the far right. In answer, go research the real facts from a non political source.

It bothers me more that the far right wants to make medical decision for women in order to control their choices when it comes to sexual matters.

It bothers me a lot more that the far right is trying to do what ever they can to keep voters from voting.

It did not bother me a bit when Clinton was messing around with other women because he was running the country so well, I haven't changed my mind a bit about that, only hope the lady he was being unfaithful to will be the next president.

why does 'oh it's the same old song....' keep running thru my head. the scribble goes back to debunked right wing mythology that has managed to ignore facts, congressional hearings and all other sorts of altering circumstances....how bout the fact the irs also targeted LIBERAL groups seeking tax-exempt status....oh that sort of slid off the cracker didn't it? the doj targeted ap and fox in response to congressional pressure to stop security leaks of classified material....you know little stuff like manning? but don't let facts get in the way of bumperstickers...rush and glenn must be preening (eeeuuw that's a gross visual)

example of that right wing behavior.....

As I posted in another group, Talk about starting out with a profound bias! But that's Fox News, I suppose. I doubt if she has even heard of such texts as The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer.


In his first term we heard nothing but "Make him a one-term president!"  But when they had the chance all we heard from the GOP Presidential Candidates was, "We're going to make him a two-term president!"

Now the right's antics and made-up scandals are working real hard to replace Republican Incumbents with brand-new shiny Democrats in 2014.  In fact they already have gone too far for any Republican to be President in 2016 sans voter fraud and disenfranchisement of the growing female, gay, and minority voting blocks.  The moral of the story...

Haters only hurt themselves. 

Obviously people care, and yes, care about their own opinions, which is fair.

As to what moves this country and people forward, well, that seems to be in the eye of the beholder.

What hasn't proved to be the most effective and efficient way is to settle on names, left/right, liberal/conservative, crazy/stupid or any other mix that divides.  

There are divisions and the country and people show it, the question remains now what, and where are we going.

The clearest answer is we are going into the 2014 campaign and elections which will not settle anything and probably change, nothing.




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